20 Animals That Look Like Fictional Entities Will Baffle You!


These animals make you question whether they are real or not. We guarentee that they are not belong to J.K.Rowling's universe. Enjoy reading!

1. Damascus goat — baby and adult

2. Tortoise frog

3. Visored bat

4. Luna moth

5. Budapest highflyer

6. Madagascar leaf-nosed snake

7. Hammerhead worm

8. Harpy Eagle

9. Babirusa pig

10. Mexican hairy dwarf

11. Tiger Wing butterfly

12. Budgett’s frog

13. Dugong Marsa Alam

14. Calliostoma annulatum snail

15. Mata mata

16. Mexican honeypot ant

17. Long-eared jerboa

18. Markia hystrix lichen

19. Royal Flycatcher

20. Agama mwanzae — Spider-Man lizard

Which animal amazed you the most?

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