20 Adorable "Twinning" Moments of Celebrity Mothers and Daughters

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"Twinning" is a new trend among the celebrity moms and their beautiful daughters. They dress up exactly the same and looking absolutely cute!

1. "Kylie gives little Stormi wings to conquer the world."

2. "Will the real Reese Witherspoon please stand up?"

3. "Katie shows us that a girl’s first best friend is her mother."

4. "Coco Rocha shows us how she twins with her mini-me in these coordinated outfits."

5. "Jessica Simpson and her little one are our bridesmaid goals in this pretty photo."

6. "Kim and North show us how to never let anyone dull your sparkle."

7. "What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to let your guard down and have fun, says Queen Bey."

8. "Nicky Hilton gives us goals for our spring wardrobe in this dreamy pink dress."

9. "These 2 supermodels are living proof of mom genes in mom jeans."

10. "JLo and her daughter are slaying it in blush pink with matching handbags."

11. "Khloe shows us that it’s okay to let go of reality and just be a unicorn sometimes."

12. "The superwoman vibes are real in every mom, it just takes a daughter to bring them out."

13. "Hilaria Baldwin twins with not one, but all of her babies here and leaves us speechless."

14. "Tori and Hattie are slumber party ready."

15. "The moment when it’s hard to tell a mother from daughter."

16. "Coco and Chanel are at their glittery best in Versace."

17. "Aishwarya Rai gives her daughter a taste of the fairytale life in these gorgeous twin gowns."

18. "P!nk loves that her daughter still lets her play matchy-matchy with her."

19. "Sophia is mommy’s golden girl in this outfit worn at a red carpet event."

20. "Chrissy and Lu are each other’s favorite girl."

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