19 Signs Showing You're An Introvert Even If You Deny It!


You might think you aren't an introvert just because you spend time alone and don’t like being around people and crowds. But wake up, you actually are! Sorry to be a buzzkill…

1. Crowded places are not your gig

Even if it’s a nice concert or a big friend gathering, you don’t like crowded places at all.

2. You were never excited to meet new people

The ones you have around you are more than enough.

3. You have no trouble starting to speak, but you never follow-up

A strong intro and an awkward silence. Did you get tired from speaking already?

4. You hate job interviews

You don’t even want to look for jobs just because of this!

5. You are a very loyal friend

Because, why bother finding new friends?

6. You are not bothered, at all, by just sitting around, doing nothing

You can just sit and watch the room all day long.

7. Text from your friend? You’ll reply later

Not a matter of life and death. It can wait.

8. You don’t trust easily

Don’t think this is irrelevant. Introverts have a hard time finding people they can trust or that make them feel understood. They don’t allow people in their lives easily. This is why it’s hard to earn their trust.

9. You love writing stuff

It's an activity that you can do on your own and talk about the things on your mind freely. Great!

10. You are awfully kind and considerate

Introverts are experts at realizing the details of the events going on around them. They can easily show empathy, which makes them more careful, thoughtful, and understanding.

11. No random acts... everything planned and punctual

You MUST know what awaits you in the future.

12. Are you too mature for your age?

If people keep calling you an old fart, or think you are acting like an old person, congrats, you’re an introvert!

13. You have very specific likes

Introverts listen to themselves perfectly. They analyze their minds and bodies perfectly. They precisely know what they like and don’t like.

14. "Balanced" is your key adjective

We wouldn’t expect anything less from a person who knows themselves this well.

15. You hate chit chat, jibber jabber

You feel like drowning, and you want to run away. Your biggest nightmare is to accompany a distant friend to a certain point.

16. Of course you need people, but in small doses

From time to time, making sure you test the waters carefully.

17. You always prefer seeing your friends one on one, or in small groups

A side effect of the small dose of needing people.

18. Nothing like being alone!

Pure perfection!

19. Your inner world is just so vast and amazing

As a result of withdrawing yourself from the outside world, your inner world has gone haywire!

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