19 Pictures Proving How The Age Doesn't Change The Person


American photographer Bobby Neel Adams realized how much his 36-year-old self looked alike to his 6-year-old self in pictures. Inspired by it, he created this stunning project.

He was struck by the beauty of the real life art created by putting two pictures from childhood and adulthood together. He joined the pictures by ripping one in half and pasting it on top of the other. Just like that, he turned it into an art project with the name "Age Map."

How do people age? Do we change a lot or are we the same faces all along? Let's take a look.

Source: http://www.bobbyneeladams.com/agemaps

1. American photographer Bobby Neel Adams realized how much the portraits of himself at 36 and 6 years old looked alike.

Bobby Neel Adams, 6 and 36 years old

2. Inspired by his own portraits, he created this project.

Lorna, 7 and 25 years old.

3. The project is named "Age Map."

Sally, 14 and 62 years old.

4. With his interesting technique, he joined 2 pictures of different people from different ages by hand.

Chris, 12 and 45 years old.

5. The project also included couples, families, and nature pictures.

Christene, 7 and 41 years old.

6. Not using Photoshop when creating the pictures gave "Age Map" the sweet nostalgic vibe.

Silvano, 12 and 51 years old.

7. Izzie, 4 and 36 years old.

8. Nick, 9 and 33 years old.

9. Kelly, 1 and 28 years old.

10. Christian, 6 and 41 years old.

11. Simone, 8 and 32 years old.

12. Tornado, 2 and 37 years old.

13. Dan, 7 and 35 years old.

14. Kevin, 3 and 33 years old.

15. Jonathan, 8 and 33 years old.

16. Werner, 6 and 33 years old.

17. Silvano, 8 and 51 years old.

18. Ray, 5 and 50 years old.

19. Kathy, 6 and 36 years old.


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