19 Golden And Wise Life Rules By Native Americans To Live By


Native Americans are the wisest people in the history of the world, and have left us some pieces of advice that still apply to our modern life and explain the state of modern people. This shows how timeless their wisdom and understanding is. Here are 19 rules about how to handle people around us, how to be a better person, and how to be fair, loving and helpful:

1. "Rise with the sun and pray. Don't neglect praying and make sure you are alone while praying. The high spirit will listen to you if you talk to it."


2. "Show tolerance to those who have lost their way. Ignorance, arrogance, anger, jealousy and greed are signs of a lost soul. Pray for them to find their way."


3. "Cherish your guests. Give them the best food and the most comfortable beds. Treat them with respect."


4. "No matter whom it comes from, don't take anything that doesn't belong to you. If you haven't worked for it to deserve it, it isn't yours."


5. "Respect everything in the world. Don't differentiate things as human, animal or plant, and don't assign different values to them."

6. "Respect and pay attention to others' ideas, wishes and words. Don't interrupt anybody while they are talking. Don't mock people and be rude to them, because everybody has a right to realize themselves."


7. "Don't badmouth anybody. The negative energy you send to the universe will double, come back to you and hurt only you."


8. "Everybody makes mistakes and all mistakes can be forgiven."


9. "Negative thoughts will cause sickness in your mind, body and soul. Learn to be optimistic."


10. "Nature is a part of us and it doesn't exist so that we can use it according to our own wishes. It is our family in this world."


11. "Children are the seeds of the future. Plant love in their hearts and water that love with wisdom."


12. "Always be honest, because honesty is a test of a person's aim in the universe."


13. "Be balanced. Keep your mind, soul, emotions and body in balance so that they stay strong, pure and healthy. Work your body to strengthen your mind and enrich your soul to repair your emotions."


14. "Make conscious decisions about who you will be and how you will act. You are the one who is fully responsible of the person you are and your actions."


15. "Respect others' privacy and personal space. Don't touch others' property and especially the things they think are holy."


16. "Be honest to yourself first. Without knowing yourself, you can't know or help anybody else."


17. "If you are a fortunate person, make sure that you help others and you are charitable."


18. "Always respect the religious beliefs of others. Never push your own beliefs on others."


19. "Discover yourself through your own efforts. Don't wait for others to open the way for you. That way is your way only. Others can walk this way with you, but no one can walk it with you."

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