18 Realistic Horror Movie Looks From A Turkish Makeup Artist That Will Give You Chills


Behind every scary horror movie there is a successful makeup artist... It's an art that takes a lot of time and skills. Pinar Soylemez is just one of these makeup artists who likes to scare the shit out of people with her creations. Here are 18 realistic horror looks that will give you the absolute chills. If you can go through this list, you will reach the bonus at the end!

Source: https://www.instagram.com/sfxmakeupinar/

1. What would you do if you saw him all of a sudden? 😨

2. Ewwwwww noo!!

3. Like, you can touch it or poke it or something. 👉😰

4. I'm starting to get the chills already.

5. Did you sew your mouth? 😖

6. Ewww nooooo x2!!!!

7. Imagine shaking this hand. 😨


9. ⚰💀👻

10. Hmm a handsome blood sucker. 😌

11. Gurl please put down the knife... 😳



14. Anybody want finger fries?

Click to see.


16. 😱

17. HOWW??


Click to see.

Congratulations, you went through the whole list! Here's the bonus video that shows how the makeup is done!

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