18 Fictional TV Characters You Wish They Existed


Taking a sip from your cosmopolitan while chit-chatting with Carrie or being awesome with Barney. We all dream about these...

1. Barney Stinson

Of course he is your best bro and wingman.

2. Hanna Horvath

She is your everyday American millennial. She is just as confused as you and has no idea about what to do with her life.

3. Dexter Morgan

In this unjust world we need good people like Mr. Morgan.

4. Al Bundy

When your day turns into your nightmare remember Al Bundy. He is always having a worse one than yours.

5. Cosmo Kramer

Never lock your door. Kramer may come in!

6. Angel

He is your second best partner to go out at night. Protip: Do not invite him to your Sunday breakfast!

7. Christian Troy

If Barney is the Stephen Curry of picking girls, Christian Troy is the Micheal f.cking Jordan.

8. Eric Cartman

Probably he wouldn't like you.

9. Gregory House

You don't need to think about how the hell you will pay for your health expenses when House is around.

10. Illana Glazer

This pot-lovin party-animal would be awesome to hang out with.

11. Sheldon Cooper

He is your best buddy for the Star Wars Marathon Weekend.

12. Rachel Green

She is your crush, your bestfriend.

13. Walter White

Call him when you need a... friend?

14. Stewie Griffin

He has a funny head. Isn't this enough?

15. Tyrion Lannister

He would instantly solve any problems within your family.

16. Carrie Bradshaw

Girls night out!

17. Dr. Who

Time travel? Time travel.

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