17 Autumn Landscapes You'll Want to See Before You Die Fascinated by the Beauty of Nature

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We all say, 'I wish I could go there'. And, we have always wondered where the natural beauties we come across on the screens. We made a list of places you must see before you die. 👇

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EarthPorn/top/?...

1. The Milky Way on the Oregon Coast...

2. Fall in Colorado...

3. "I visited this place 5 times in the last month and I cannot forget this sight I saw in South Korea."

4. Italy Dolomite Mountains:

5. A magnificent morning on Mount Assiniboine...

6. Lake Braies, Italy:

7. Foggy morning in Belarus...

8. A beautiful sunrise in Glacier National Park...

9. Autumn in Washington. 😍

10. Eel River, Avenue of the Giants

11. Tindholmur Island in the Faroe Islands covered in fog as in a Viking epic:

12. Teton Mountains - Wyoming:

13. Blue waterfall in Iceland:

14. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon - Iceland:

15. Mount Cook - New Zealand:

16. Washington Ruby Beach:

17. "One of my favorite views of the Half Dome."

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