16 Of The Hilariously Worst Sex Facts People Ever Learned And You Can't Believe!


A Reddit thread asked the question "What was the most wildly inaccurate thing you were taught about sex and/or sexual health?" and here are craziest ones!

16. Just a glass of water!

15. Do you think they are useless?

14. OMG!

13. They are sensitive 😃

12. Learn from the nature...

11. Condoms are full of holes 😅

10. Just jump to get rid of pregnancy!

9. ...and they lived happily ever after!

8. 😅

7. No correlation was found!

6. Wait...didn't they? 😆

5. There's no such thing kid!

4. Women are not frickin' werewolves!

3. Best contraceptive, hot tub!

2. Can you imagine? 😂

1. Most of the people probably still believe this...

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