16 Celebrities Who Were Sacked From Film Projects!


Ever wondered the background story of your favorite movie? Alongside the problems in the production, some movies have had to change their leading actor/actress at the last minute. We created a list of the most interesting walk outs from Hollywood movies.

1. Stuart Townsend - The Lord of the Rings


Reason: Found too young!

Babyface actor worked 2 months after auditioning for the role of Aragorn in LOTR series. However, after the first promo shoots, Peter Jackson decided that Townsend is too young for this role and cancelled his part. Jackson went on with Viggo Mortensen, instead.

"I was there rehearsing and training for two months, then was fired the day before filming began. After that, I was told they wouldn't pay me because I was in breach of contract due to not having worked long enough."


"I had been having a rough time with them, so I was almost relieved to be leaving until they told me I wouldn't be paid. I have no good feelings for those people in charge, I really don't. The director wanted me and then apparently thought better of it because he really wanted someone 20 years older than me and completely different."

It seems that Peter Jackson is a difficult person to work with. Years after shooting LOTR Mortensen said that Peter Jackson was too lavish and had an unprofessional work ethic.

2. Ryan Gosling - The Lovely Bones


Reason: Ryan was found to be overweight for this role.

Ryan Gosling was considered for the leading role in The Lovely Bones. However, the team decided to go with Mark Wahlberg afterwards.

Rumor is that Gosling was very whimsical and the production team had complaints about this. After getting fired from the role, Gosling commented that he was too young to play the father of a 14 year old.

The actual reason came out after several years.


After reading the script, Gosling thought that he should gain weight for this role and become 95 kg/209 ibs. Turns out, Peter Jackson didn't like this and cancelled on Gosling.

3. Sean Young - Batman


Reason: Breaking her arm (Or maybe something else)

Sean Young auditioned for the role of reporter Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's Batman. Young had an accident when she was horseback riding and broke her arm. It was impossible for production to stop at that moment. For that reason, the production team decided to go on with Kim Basinger.

Everything in this situation is normal, right? Sean was not happy about this whole situation. She started a campaign to get back her role as Catwoman.

Young comes unannounced to the film set with Catwoman costumes and tries hard to prove to Burton that she was a better match for the role.


This causes a disaster around the set. The role is eventually given to Michelle Pfeiffer.

On an interview Young gave a couple of years ago, she states that she is still willing to play Catwoman. Weird!

4. Chloe Moretz – Bolt


Reason: Not being famous enough!

Chloe Moretz was considered first to voice Penny in this Disney animation. She even completely dubbed the whole movie. However, the production team decided to go with Miley Cyrus to get more publicity.

Chloe's acting career reaches its peak after this unpleasant situation. She is now one of the most auditioned actresses around Hollywood.


It's good to see that this only motivated Chloe to do more work.

5. James Purefoy - V for Vendetta


Reason: Mask!

James Purefoy was suspended from V for Vendetta after shooting a couple of scenes. The team decides to go on with Hugo Weaving instead. The reason behind this change is that Purefoy wasn't okay with shooting the whole movie with a mask on.

Years after this situation Purefoy states:


"It's doesnt have anything to do with the mask. The actual reason was our creative conflicts and I had to walk out."

A single question remains at this point. Are there any scenes in the movie with Purefoy? The producers refuse to answer this question to this day.

6. Harvey Keitel - Apocalypse Now!

Reason: Intervening with the director

Keitel was first auditioned for Martin Sheen's role in Apocalyse Now! Then Coppola replaced Keitel and went on with Sheen.

"I served in the army for 3 years and the scenario was full of inconsistencies. They didn't take my experience serious. It could be very different if they accepted my contribution."

7. Richard Gere - Lords of the Flatbush


Reason: Having a feud with Slyvester Stallone!

When Richard Gere had fight with Stallone on the set, producer decided to remove him from the project. Perry King was chosen for this role instead of Gere. 

Stallone claims "Gere was extremely arrogant. He was pushing too hard for method acting. Although every scene was planned carefully, he was unnecessarily beating me for the sake of acting."

Furious, Gere even threw chicken grease over Stallone's pants on a break on the set.


Stallone had enough with this and punched Gere with his elbow. From that day, these two are not on good terms and never work together. Stallone took things one step further by starting a rumor that Gere has perverted sexual fantasies.

8. Lindsay Lohan – The Other Side


Reason: Unprofessional behavior

The Other Side had a distressing casting process. First, Katie Holmes was auditioned for this role. When she couldn't manage to fit it into her schedule, Brittany Murphy takes over. However, Brittany walks out of the project after a while.

Then, Lindsay was offered this role. Lindsay accepts the role, but this time the studio doesn't want her. In the end, Olivia Thirlby gets the role.

"There goes the leading role"


After these events, the studio decides skip Lohan as she caused a lot of bad publicity at that time. Director Michaels stated that Lohan's behavior and attitude were not suitable to the role.

9. Anthony Michael Hall – Full Metal Jacket


Reason:  Having an argument with Stanley Cubrick.

Hall was offered to play the lead on Full Metal Jacket. However, when he found out that the set would take around 8 months, he decided to walk out. Another rumor is that Hall argued with Cubrick on his first day on the set about filmmaking and directing. For that reason, the production team decided to go on with Matthew Modine.

Hall later stated that he never went to the set. Who knows what happened there?

10. Dougray Scott - X-Men


Reason: Not being able to finish the other movie

Dougray Scott was supposedly play Wolverine on X-Men. However, when he couldn't finish the shootings of Mission Impossible II, he had to walk out from this project and was replaced with Hugh Jackman. The result is pretty obvious.

"They call me Wolverine"


Though Dougray was bitter about losing the role, he didn't hesitate to appreciate Hugh Jackman's performance of Wolverine. Jackman even wanted to meet Dougray in order to thank him in person.

11. Megan Fox - Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon


Reason: Talking too much about her opinions

Megan Fox said publicly that director Micheal Bay's behavior resembles Hitler and Napoleon. Following that, she was removed from the project.



Michael Bay later told reporters that this wasn't his personal decision. He said that Steven Spielberg made him remove Fox from the project. Spielberg is known to be sensitive about these matters.

Moreover, nobody was happy about her presence on the set. A set member anonymously posted a complaint about Fox on the web. It was claimed that "Working with Megan is a disaster. Please teach her how to do her job."

12. Slyvester Stallone – Beverly Hills Cop


Reason: Weird fantasies and orange juice!

When Stallone read the scenario of Beverly Hills Cop, he thought it was a joke. He began to change to scenario by himself. He didn't hesitate to add his own scenes, such as following a train with a sports car, etc.

"Where is my OJ, man?"


The team decided that these changes would increase the budget and skipped Stallone. The movie was shot by Eddie Murphy instead.

Another rumor is that the production team couldn't supply Stallone's special orange juice request and Stallone was angry about this and walked out from the project.

13. Edward Norton – The Avengers


Reason: Requesting too much money and annoying behavior!

Director Joss Whedon couldn't handle the whimsical behavior of Norton and removed him from the project. Also, Edward had an extreme salary request and this wasn't okay for Marvel.

Bye Bye


When Edward Norton found out that he didn't get his salary.

Whedon later claimed that they needed someone with a team spirit. The team required someone who had less ego. Norton defended himself by putting forward the budget issue.

14. Frank Sinatra - Dirty Harry


Reason: Occupational disease!

Sinatra was removed from the project right before filming started. The reason behind this wasn't explained for years. Then, the reason was revealed in Sinatra's biography. 

According to the book, Sinatra had an ankle injury at the set of The Manchurian Candidate. This injury had resurfaced after 8 years and Sinatra decided to leave the project.

The role was offered to John Wayne...


However, Wayne couldn't handle being offered the role after Sinatra and he rejected this project. Eventually, Clint Eastwood gets the role.

15. Eric Stoltz - Back to the Future Trilogy


Reason: Found too mature for the role

This story is one of the most famous ones around Hollywood. The movie begins shooting with Stolz as Marty. However, the director was not happy about Eric's performance, as he imagined a more funny and dynamic Marty.

Producers approved this change and start looking for another actor.


Poor Stoltz continues shooting since he didn't know about this. However, everybody on the set knew that he is going to be fired!

One of these scenes was used in the actual film, according to Bob Gale. Turns out Eric Stoltz was the one who punched Biff, not Micheal J. Fox.

Bob Gale also said that they still kept the scenes with Stolz. "We never thought of deleting those," he adds.

16. Christian Bale - American Psycho


Reason: They thought they could find a better match for the role

This might not seem like a sack at first glance. Bale could be the only person to return to a project which he previously was sacked.

The production process of the movie was literally psychotic. The director, Mary Harron, put Bale back in the project. Bale was her first decision when she started this project.

The production company secretly signed with Leonardo DiCaprio and sacked Christian Bale because of this.


This decision was shocking to everyone on the set. Director Harron got really angry about this and rejected meeting with DiCaprio. Harron claimed that DiCaprio is not suitable for a Wall Street type. "I don't want to work with someone whose fans are around 13. This movie is not for 13 year olds. We're gonna be in a lot of trouble." Lionsgate was not happy about Harron's explanations and fired Marron afterwards.

DiCaprio willingly quits the project as he realised that he is the source of the problem. Lionsgate signed with Marron again and they called Bale for the role.


We wonder what Marron thought when Leonardo took the leading role on Wolf Of Wall Street! 

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