16 Bits Of Interesting Information That Will Take Your Mind To A Whole New Level!


There is nothing more beautiful than learning something new. Life is an endless quest and everyday it brings us so much. There is a whole history to look at and learn from and there is the future ahead of us. In this list, we put together 16 pieces of information that will satisfy your need of knowing!

1. Napoleon took his first defeat in his life from the Ottoman Empire.

And not once, he got defeated two times in the same place, in front of Akka Castle. Napoleon, who was defeated twice in front of Akka Castle, would soon form the following sentence: "Turks can not be defeated ..."

2. Giant hurricanes in the United States are given female names becase they take away houses and cars.


3. The letter "W" consists not of 2 "V"s but 2 "U"s as opposed to what many people think.


4. 95% less energy is consumed when aliminum is recycled instead of making from raw material.


5. It was understood that the Plague, also known as the Black Death, was carried to Europe by rats in ships coming from Venice.


In order to avoid this situation, every ship coming from Venice was forced to anchor in the open sea for exactly 40 days and their entry was prevented.

6. The colored squares at the bottom of the toothpaste tubes are only signals that are meant for the machines to understand during packaging.


Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with the content of the toothpaste.

7. Because we have ten fingers, we use the decimal system in four mathematical systems accepted all over the world.e


8. The word 'alphabet' derives from the combination of the first two letters Alpha and Beta in the ancient Greek alphabet.


9. A mosquito is active only in 1-2 hours of 24 hours' day due to its poor metabolism.


Apart from these 1-2 hours, mosquitoes stop and don't move unless you disturb them. I mean, it's not just one mosquito that doesn't let you sleep, there is probably more than one mosquito.

10. Shaking hands used to mean "I have no gun in my hands" and this used to give confidence to the other person.


11. The pilots and co-pilots eat different meals to avoid being affected by a possible food poisoning.


12. Motion sensor toilet paper dispensers gives you a paper when you hold your hand steady, not when you move it in front of the sensor.


13. The word 'Brazzers' can be written on the keyboard very simply with only the left hand.


You can try for free.

14. The average life span of the worker ant is 45-60 days, while the cicada has a life span of 2 years to 17 years.

So this means who work a lot live short and who work less live a long time.

15. After you put your phone in flight mode, you can charge it 50% faster.


16. Violets don'thave any smell. They smell like nothing.

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