15 Surprising Facts About Life That We Claim You Haven't Seen or Heard Anywhere Before


Every day, we learn interesting facts on the internet, and we are fascinated by those information. We have learned so much now that most situations cannot surprise us. Of course, there are many interesting facts that we still haven't learned. Those are...👇

1. The man who tried to smuggle 1 kg gold under his wig at Kochi airport: 😂

2. How do wounds heal?

3. The house which can rotate around itself so that you can see different views:

4. A polar bear sleeping upon an iceberg by sunset:

5. Social distance is not a problem for architectural pleasures!😍

6. A shark with a curvature of the spine, scoliosis:

7. The world's oldest adult movie from 1908:

8. Have you ever seen a butterfly egg?

9. A Hindu temple that fascinates those who see its incredible details:

10. An orthopedics conference in Chicago, United States in the 1950s, where the best spine was chosen:

11. The smallest dog in the world with a length of 9.65 centimeters:

12. Did you know that carrots were originally purple until the 16th century?

13. How to shoot beverage commercials?

14. This 87 year old woman called the police in Italy because she was alone and hungry. They cooked pasta for her.❤️


15. And finally; how to make an ice cream cone?

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