15 Perfect Destinations For Traveling Moms (And Everyone Else)


It's summer and we're all looking for cool destinations to chill out. But so does our moms, dads and everyone else. Here we have peaceful and breathtaking destinations for you to choose from!

1. Sharjah - Dubai

If you think your mother’s thing is to shop, there cant be a more exciting destination other than Sharjah - Dubai. Your mother will have so much fun at Sharjah’s big streets filled with global brands, huge malls and all the other street shops!

2. Bishkek- Kyrgyzstan

If your mom likes to discover new cultures, Bishkek is the right destination. You’ll make unforgettable memories in the city of Bishkek with it’s distinctive culture, food and nature.

3. Antalya- Turkey

If your mom is a traveler who enjoys sand, sea and sun, our first suggestion will be Antalya, Turkey, one of the most popular cities among tourists with it’s 200 blue flagged beaches and 6 blue flagged piers! Your mommy can freshen up with the cool blue waters of Antalya and get enough vitamin D to keep her happy all year!

4. Amsterdam- Netherlands

If you think your mom is your best friend, we definitely suggest you start making plans to take off to one of the most entertaining cities in the world, Amsterdam. You can take a walk near the Amstel River, which gets more beautiful in the summer, ride bikes, take the river tours and see the whole city! You can also buy special cheeses from the villages close to the city center.

5. Bodrum- Turkey

Now, we’ll direct our attention to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with 57 blue flagged beaches, mesmerizing Bodrum. Bodrum,a county where everyone can find entertainment for themselves, with its blue and clear water, fresh and clean air, beaches with sand or rocks and famous ice cream is waiting for you to have your best vacation!

6. Copenhagen- Denmark

Copenhagen, a city that thrives with bikes! We know many cities with bike roads but Copenhagen even has a bridge especially for bikes! It will draw the attention of athletic moms with it’s Vikings history.

7. Nicosia- Northern Cyprus

If you look for a combination of entertainment, sun and beautiful beaches for you mom, BINGO! Nicosia is what you’re looking for. It gives you the pleasure of enjoying its streets by having a chat with your mom. Nicosia can be an unforgettable scene for your evening seaside talks!

8. London - England

One of the most special destinations for mom-child vacations is London. You can join museum tours or try different foods with your dearest mom. Think of the selfies you’ll take at London Eye, when the whole city of London is under your feet :)

9. Mykonos- Greece

Peace fills your heart while you approach Mykonos. Streets filled with pelicans, relaxed people, the smell of salt coming from the sea and the warm winds in the evenings is perfect for your peaceful vacation with your mom.

10. Paris- France

We can’t suggest any destination other than Paris for stylish moms. Your mom will deserve the title of ‘the most stylish mom’ when you walk with your coffee in the romantic streets of Paris while seeing examples of street style :)

11. Stockholm- Sweden

Stockholm's unique sky is perfect for photographer moms. If it makes you excited even to imagine watching northern lights together, maybe it’s time to plan your summer vacation with your mom to Stockholm.

12. Tbilisi- Georgia

As the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi will give you unforgettable memories with its history, food, hospitality, wooden houses, lanes and it’s beautiful people.

13. Zürich- Switzerland

A picnic near Zürich River, museum tours in the city center, or a little trip to the Alps! If you say that your mom is a true traveler, one of the best destinations you can go for vacation is Zürich!

14. Astana- Kazakhstan

If your destination with your mom is Astana, the miniature version of the country in Atameken Map of Kazakhstan may draw your attention, and may provide some beautiful photographs! Also, the young city will make your mom feel younger :)

15. Makhachkala- Russia

Hot spring waters, green mountains, untouched beaches, historical houses, big streets… This city gives you many opportunities to enjoy your vacation with your mom! If you have a mom looking for peace and change at the same time, Makhachkala is a perfect choice :)

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