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15 Of Hollywood's Most Shocking Sex Scandals!

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Here are the most shocking sex scandals of actors and actresses that even surprise the members of Hollywood!

1. The news were shaken when Britney Spears' sex tape was released!

No one believed that it was really Britney Spears until the tape got online. It is still a mystery who took these footage and who is the person on the tape.

2. Karolina Kurkova stated that she had group sex with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Brangelina kept silent about this accusation and sort of confirmed the truth of the statement.

3. Eddie Murphy was caught with a trans hooker in earlier hours of the day in Los Angeles.

Murphy claimed that he was only being a gentleman  since he was dropping that lady to her place. As one might expect this statement was not enough to convince anyone.

4. Hugh Grant was dating with Liz Hurley when he caught having a public sex with a prostitute in Los Angeles.

Grant was also arrested for having an intercourse in exchange for money.

Days after his arrest, Grant stated that this was a huge mistake. However, this wasn't enough to save his relationship with Hurley.

5. Eric Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart were busted having sex with former USA Beauty Paegent Kari Ann Peniche.

12 minute long tape has been watched by millions on the internet.

6. Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon, her boyfriend at that time, recorded themselves during intercourse. However, Solomon released the tape right after the couple broke up.

The tape has watched so many times on the internet that Paris Hilton finally filed for a case to license this video. You know there's no such thing as bad publicity!

7. Kim Kardashian was amongst those celebrities who turned a crisis into an opportunity!

When Kardashian's sex tape with former boyfriend was released, she bought all the rights for the video. Kim Kardashian gained a serious amount of money over licensing this sex tape.

8. Famous director Roman Polanski was accused of getting into an intercourse with a 13 year old after a photoshoot.

Polanski was accused of committing a sexual crime. The court wanted Polanski to be arrested. For that reason Polanski had to give up from his American citizenship and switched into French citizenship.

9. David Letterman had to confess his affair with a coworker after being blackmailed for 2 Million Dollars in 2009.

Letterman apologized from his wife and fans and stated that he is willing to do anything to make up for his mistake.

10. Julia Roberts surprised her fans when sex tape which shows her attending a group sex party was leaked to public.

Roberts had to battle with these news for a long time.

11. Over the past year Pulp Fiction star John Travolta was shocked when he was sued by his masseur.

The masseur claimed that Travolta abused her during the massage sessions and opened up a case which is worth around 2 million Dollars.

Another masseur who heard about the case also standed out and tell the news-reporters that she is also a victim of Travolta's assaults.

12. Colin Farrell had to break up with his Polish fiancé right after Playboy girl Nicole Narain released a 13 minute long sex tape with him.

13. Woody Allen cheated her long time girlfriend Mia Farrow, with Farrow's own step daugther!

Allen was 54 years old when he started dating with 19 year old Soon-Yi Previn. These two got married after dating for 5 years.

14. Kristen Stewart was caught with director Rupert Sanders while she was still dating with Robert Pattinson at that time.

Pattinson chosen to forgive his girlfriend while Stewart-Sanders affair was still covering all the newspaper.

15. Jude Law confessed that he cheated on fiancé Sienna Miller with the nanny of his children.

Obviously the couple ended their relationship after this incident. Following this incident, Sienna Miller was caught kissing with Balthazar Getty, married with 4 children, 3 years later.


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