15 Horrifying Junk Food Facts That Will Make You Switch To Healthy Foods Now And Forever!


Junk food is one of the greatest threats to society's health these days. The term junk food refers to food with little or no nutritional value. Junk food is not real food, it's a lab experiment full of artificial chemical additives.  As the healthy and organic diets keep snowballing let's take a look at what junk food actually is.

1. How did junk food enter our lives?


The term 'junk food' first entered our lives in the 50s. After the hit song "Junk Food Junkie" it became a world known food type.

2. What happens when these foods are consumed a lot?


Years long research proved that too much fast food consumption leads to cancer, obesity, heart problems, and high blood pressure.

3. Why is junk food so popular?


If we're looking for a culprit then the biggest influence is TV. Junk food advertisements are 80% run on Saturday mornings when kids are mostly watching.

4. There is more...


Have you ever thought about why junk food brands give out toys as gifts? The kids are their target market...

5. What is the most popular junk food?


In the USA, the candy industry is the highest profiting fast food industry with a 23 million dollar turnover. Not to mention candy sales increase more every year.

6. Halloween candy!


Candy sales go through the roof every Halloween! This makes Halloween the most unhealthy holiday ever.

7. What's happening in the world?


The best selling fast food in the world is french fries. A serving of french fries, bought from a fast food restaurant, equals 600 calories and it makes you feel more hungry instead of full!

8. What about those innocent looking gums?


William Wrigley Jr. started selling soaps in Chicago in 1891 and offered gums as a treat to his customers. The gums became more popular than the soaps, so Mr. Wrigley just started selling gums.

9. We eat but are we full?



Researchers are clear on this, the more junk food you eat, the more your brain will crave it the next time. It's a neverending circle.

10. A research study in China proves the more you eat these type of foods the more unhealthy your body gets.


In countries where junk food is really popular, there is a visible increase in breast cancer rates.

11. What else do these foods lead to?


According to a theory, kids who consume candy products daily are more inclined toward violence.

12. Pregnant women should be even more careful!


Pregnant women who consume a lot of junk food are more prone to develop obesity. The kids are more likely to develop diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure when they grow up.

13. Keep junk food away from babies!


According to Children’s Food Campaign (CFC), some baby foods contain as much saturated fat and sugar as traditional fast foods.

14. Next time you're craving junk food...


Think about this, corn dextrin used in many adhesives are also present in candies we eat. That's why it tastes sweet when you lick an envelope.

15. Well...


We're not suggesting you to never touch any fast food again.

Eat it as a hobby once in a while, but don't replace any real meals with it.

Don't forget, you are what you eat!

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