15 Examples Showing How "Likes" Are Sucking The Life Out Of Us!

> 15 Examples Showing How "Likes" Are Sucking The Life Out Of Us!

Mobile phones and internet have become an essential part of our lives. Most people can't even imagine a life offline. The advantages of online technology are endless. It is almost impossible to live without checking out our social profiles over social media. However, there are some social and psychological consequences of using these technologies on a daily basis. 

Have you ever thought about the consequences of social media addiction? How well do you know the dangers of being online?

1. We share the details of our private life just to get more likes and followers.

2. Instead of sharing our true feelings and thoughts about someone, we share sarcastic images or songs with a hope that they will get our message.

3. We focus on the things that we don't have and feel bad about it because of the things we see on social media.

4. Children are cruel to each other and they are even more cruel on social media. Giving power and authority to those children can result in very unfortunate consequences.

These children tend to experience problems about their own bodies and self-image due to puberty. When this lack of self-confidence is combined with the negative comments over social media, these children can experience psychological problems.

5. There is nothing we won't do just to be approved by the others. These things can eventually cause us to lose our self-respect.

5. There is nothing we won't do just to be approved by the others. These things can eventually cause us to lose our self-respect.

6. Children who spend too much time in front of computers are becoming more aggressive and hyperactive. Most of these children also have lower attention spans.

7. We tend to ignore the fact that there are a lot of dangerous people around the internet.

8. Most of us are unable to live in the moment and be happy.

We don't care about how delicious that dish is anymore. All we want to do is to post a picture on Instagram so that the others can see it. We care more about the photos we are going to take rather than having fun in that moment.

9. We can become experts about any subject after a 3 minute Google search.

We are losing our ability to do research and make arguments because of it.

10. Your followers determine who you are.

You might be a considerate and nice person. However, your personality is not important on social media. You are judged by the number of followers you have all over the online world.

11. Workouts turn into a quest to get more likes from other people.

We are surrounded by people who are sharing the photos of every detail of their workout. Even if we're doing exercise for ourselves, we want others to know about it.

12. Most people are obsessed with famous brands.

Even 9-year-olds know all of the famous brands. We are constantly feeling the pressure to buy new things. If we don't do that, we feel left out.

13. Some of us couldn't sleep with the fear that we will miss out.

We shut down our computers and go to bed. The first thing we do is to get our phones and continue being 'social.'

14. We are more focused on our flaws due to the beauty industry.

The media is promoting the beauty industry as if makeup products would create a miracle and change our lives.

15. There are even people who are committing suicide over social media.

Although these suicides are actually a cry for help, this type of behavior can create a legitimization of suicide videos in order to get attention.

Please, don't fall for these little hearts!

Go out and live your life!