15 Brilliant Illustrations That Reflect The Craziness Of Our Modern World


Russian artist Vladimir Kazak believes that the first responsibility of art is to make an impression on society. People find his illustrations ‘shocking’ since he creates work that raises awareness of things that society actually doesn’t care about. Kazak says his paintings are satirical and reflect real life in a funny way. He also adds that his art is kind of a defense against a “predatory outside world.” We compiled this incredibly talented artist’s witty and controversial paintings from Brightside.

Source: https://brightside.me/article/15-paintin...

1. On the subway

2. We’re all robots!

3. A modern cemetery

4. At the butcher’s shop

5. Robin Hood’s arrows

6. A monster house

7. Silk food

8. Bedtime

9. A good haul

10. Monday

11. The robot is dead

12. A scene from Red Riding Hood

"I’m here, Grandma!"

13. Living room decoration

14. Doesn’t look edible...

15. Hunting in the forest

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