14 Cutest Illustrations Show The Friendship Between A Baby And A Dog!


Nate Anderson's first child Rowan came along, he decided to take a step further and chronicle his childhood in a webcomic which he called simply 'Boy & Dog.'

Source: http://www.boyanddogcomic.com/index.html

1. "You're only in trouble if you get caught"

2. Heeey!

3. "Rowan has decided that food is not for him. Murphy is happy about this decision"

4. "My sandals exploded too. And my slippers. And my backpack. And the footstool"

5. "Standing is hard when you are a wobbley little squishy boy"

6. "All the things go down the stairs"

7. "Everyone knows that kissing it makes it all better"

8. "Aww, he's got his mothers eyes... And his dads beard"

9. "Murphy loves rooing while Rowan is asleep"

10. "Why wouldn't you want a monkey on your head?

11. "Everything is a car"

12. "Murphy tail is basically a fluffy catapult"

13. "The floor is where all the things belong anyway"


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