13 Struggles Only Tidy People Would Understand!

> 13 Struggles Only Tidy People Would Understand!

Sometimes you feel alone in this world. Everyone else is living their happy lives and you are just noticing all the dirt. Like the people around you are having a lovely carefree time, and you’re mainly thinking about that empty packet on the side that no one has put in the bin.

If you consider yourself a tidy person, then you will certainly relate to this list!

1. You can’t leave the house until you’ve made your bed.

1. You can’t leave the house until you’ve made your bed.

You’d rather be 5 minutes late than have to come home to a messy bed.

2. You don’t understand why someone would leave a surface like this.

2. You don’t understand why someone would leave a surface like this.

This is 30 seconds away from being acceptable.

3. You just simply love arranging clothes based on color.

This is often very convenient to you. It's both easier to find your clothes, and you will not think for hours trying to decide what to wear the next day. The visual pleasure of this arrangement is completely priceless!

4. You live your life constantly pushing chairs under tables.

You can't even....

5. It sort of offends you when people dump all their stuff on tables.

A table is not a shelf. Don’t treat it like one.

6. Having a dirty kitchen sink is the bane of your existence.

That beautiful bench you made a great effort to keep clean is now covered in dirt, germs, and oil, and there is nothing you can do other than cleaning up and getting angry. You can never understand how people turn a kitchen into a battlefield just to make toast.

7. People don’t seem to understand that you don’t actually enjoy cleaning, you just hate messes.

Ok, occasionally you enjoy bleaching the shit out of something, but usually, you’d prefer it was just never dirty in the first place.

8. Your desktop is perfection.

Do other people not realize that systems and organization exist to make your life easier?

9. You’ve had quite a lot of practice at trying to sound super casual, when actually it’s the third time you’ve asked someone to take the bin out.

“You know, if you wouldn’t mind, you’re on your way out anyway, so…”

10. You are of course a master in time management.

You make your life easier for yourself. You do not miss your flights or run late.

11. When other people clean, it’s usually not to your standards.

You appreciate their effort, and then when they’re not looking you do a quick post-clean clean up.

12. Notebooks are your bestfriends.

You love organizers as much as you love organizing things around.

13. You find it difficult to relax in a messy room.

You know you’re gonna have to get up and tidy and some point, so you can’t fully let go.

Sometimes you wonder if it’s you that’s weird, and maybe you should just chill out a little. But that thought quickly disappears when you can finally enjoy your perfectly clean home. So be proud:)