13 Amazing Inventions Proving Humanity Is NOT Dead Yet!


Thousands of cities, highways and cars... They only serve humans and damage nature. Wouldn't it be nice to think about the other living things that  share the world with us? While the lives of our friends with paws is getting more and more difficult, here are the masterpieces of the inventors who never lost the kindness in them.

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1. The bridge built for the animals living in the forest, Canada


This was seen as the most logical way to go to help the animals of Banff National Park to cross the highway.

2. Feeders for hummingbirds, Georgia, USA


The red ones have a purpose: they attract the birds to nectar. The nectar is a complimentary snack for birds in Costa Rica, Georgia, etc. ☺

3. Turtle tunnels, Honshu Island, Japan


This tunnel, which was built by The West Japan Railway Company, to save them from the train tracks and therefore train wheels.

4. Apartment complexes for birds in London parks


The aim of this both artistic and environmental project is to create different living spaces for birds.


5. A tunnel for animals under the highway, Finland


A safe tunnel that the forest creatures can use any time they want... 😇

6. Airport for the birds, Vilnius


This 'bird airport' sign is part of the project, called TinyRoadSign, aiming to remind people that they aren't the only residents in the city.

7. A bridge for crabs’ migration, Australia


This is only one of the bridges built to support the migrations of red crabs on Christmas Island.

8. Crosswalk for hedgehogs, Lithuania


This crosswalk that was drawn as a part of an environmental project can be the best reminder for the drivers.

9. A swimming pool for elephants in a safari park, Japan


This 65-meter long pool was built at the foot of Mount Fuji especially for elephants.

10. ’Caboodle ranch,’ USA


This cat town, which was built in 2003 in Florida, hosts 500 cute cats and is 40 acres wide. It even has its own municipality building. 😎

11. Towpaths for ducks, UK


A charitable foundation called Canal & River Trust is responsible the inland waterways of England and Wales. This foundation created towpaths for ducks on the roads around the lakes. White separation lines and duck silhouettes you see in the photo are there to remind people about nature awareness.

12. Dog ’parking spots’


These spots were created in a shop in Germany so that the owners wouldn't leave their dogs in the car.

13. And lastly, Turkey: a machine that cleans the enviornment while feeding the stray animals.


Here is how these conversion boxes called Pugedon work: if you dispose of one plastic bottle, it dispenses 20g of cat/dog food. Pugedon, which we hope will become more popular around the world, runs on solar energy!

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