12 Stars Who Are Believed To Be Still Alive!

> 12 Stars Who Are Believed To Be Still Alive!

Death does not suit anyone, but especially when the deceased are young and talented, their fans are even more upset. Here are 14 celebrities whose deaths have been denied by their fans ...

1. There's a big part of people who don't believe that legendary Elvis Presley is dead. According to the allegation, Elvis faked his own death and now lives a peaceful life.

Because on the tombstone, 'Aron' is written instead of Elvis's own name 'Aaron.' It was also reported that a black helicopter had landed on the island shortly before his dead body was found. So, according to what is being said, Elvis faked his own death and ran away with the helicopter. And also the insurance company did nothing on behalf of Elvis's contract on his death.

It sounds legit!

2. There are those who stubbornly reject Jim Morrison's death!

In a hotel room in Paris, Jim Morrison died from a heart attack, not from an overdose as many people thought. At the same time, there were lawsuits filed against him at the time and there was a risk of going to jail. Many close friends and family members didn't attend the funeral held after the announcement of his death. The coffin was also said to be so small that Morrison can't have fit in it.

Jim Morrison was already bothered by fame. It is said that he also faked his own death, and escaped from both legal troubles and Rock Star life.

We can't say it's true or not, be we hope that he's alive.

3. Kurt Cobain was so tired of fame that he saw the only option was to pretend to be dead!

It's not very realistic because a lot has been said about Cobain's death, and many conspiracy theories have been made up. It was alleged that Cobain was killed by the state and was sacrificed to the devil by Illuminati. It's not strange that Cobain, a high-grade heroin addict, committed suicide. Fans who don't want to believe his death argue that he ran away from fame.

They see it as evidence that Cobain's face has never been shown. The man took a rifle in his mouth and scattered his complex head. I don't think that he had a face to show.

4. Tupac isn't dead, he's not alive in our hearts but also somewhere in the world as well!

Tupac is one of the people who allegedly faked his death. It is said that he gives many secret messages in the lyrics for 'rebirth.' But the most reinforcing detail of these claims was a photo taken during Tupac's autopsy and it was seen that the person in the photo wasn't Tupac. However, it was recorded as Tupac.

5. Like Tupac it's said that he's not dead, but unfortunately all the claims are unreal: The Notorious B.I.G.

The fact that the murderer was never found brought on the allegations that he, like Tupac, had escaped fame with a fake death. But people around saw the bullets that had entered Biggie's body. If it wasn't an illusion, Biggie is really dead.

6. Although she was liked by everyone in the world, according to the royal family, Princess Diana was almost undesirable.

The theories began as she died trying to ditch the paparazzi. According to rumors, the royal family wanted her dead and the traffic accident was just a scenario. A large majority believe that Diana is not dead but that she was 'removed.'

We hope that you're alive somewhere in the world!

7. The claims that she is "still alive" following the death of Amy Winehouse were quite overwhelming for the family.

Since joining the club of rock stars dying at the age of 27, Amy's father received messages from different numbers saying things like 'Amy still lives in a secret island, Amy says she loves you.' If this is a joke, it's very cruel ... And if it is real, we hope that she's really happy!

8. Nothing could have saved Michael Jackson, other than a fake death!

The lawsuits filed against him continued, and he was in debt. It would be the only sensible choice for him to get lost with a fake death. It was alleged that he was seen again after his death.

But if these claims are true and Jackson is still alive; It would be a pity to the doctor who was taking care of him at the moment of his death, because he was sued for mistreatment!

9. Heath Ledger died, the funeral was removed; But then there were those who claimed to see him on the streets of Manhattan!

He left his little baby behind. We hope the claims are true!

10. James Dean didn't die in that traffic accident; but it was shown like that!

James Dean's part of the car was never damaged. One of the witnesses became strangely rich in a short time. According to the allegations, James Dean's company made him look dead because he was paralyzed. A paralyzed James Dean would put the company in jeopardy, but a dead James Dean films would create a 'legend.'

That makes sense!

11. Jimi Hendrix drowned in his vomit as we all heard ... Or did he?

The fans claimed that Hendrix used drugs very carefully, never to be irresponsible enough to have drowned in vomit, and that death news was fiction. Because Jimi was tired of this fame.

12. From the Manic Street Preachers group, Richey Edwards's car was located next to a bridge where people usually commit suicide.

His body was never found. According to his fans, Richey is traveling and hiding in places like India.