12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Care About What Others Think


Don’t we all live like that? We constantly worry about what our family, friends, and people around us are gonna think about us. We spend our short lives living according to their ideas so that we’re not left out. But isn't that the real cause of our sadness? Here are the 12 convincing reasons to stop worrying about what people think!

1. This is your life and its no ones business.

It’s as simple as that. We should be brave enough to even tell this to people's face. This is your life, don’t ever try to change it for anyone.

2. No one can know what’s best for you.

You’re the one who knows about your life and its difficulties. Only you know what is best for you, not anyone else: even better than your mom and dad. Always listen to yourself, before listening to people around you.

3. What’s totally right for someone else may be totally wrong for you.

People will judge you based on what’s right for them and assume that it’s gonna be good for you also. However, what works out perfectly for someone else can be a total disaster for you. So forget about their experiences, create your own unique ones.

4. It will keep you from chasing your dreams.

This is maybe the most important one! Building a life by constantly caring about other people's ideas will keep you away from the things you most want in life. Never forget what’s important.

5. You are the one who will live the consequences of your decisions, not them.

You can't blame anyone if they give you a bad advice. No one will take the responsibility. So why would you let people influence your decisions while the consequences will only affect you?

6. People’s ideas change every day.

Everything changes. Our ideas, thoughts change on a regular basis. So you may not be able to reach the speed of people's ever changing ideas. Listening to your heart and living according to your own speed is the best thing you can do.

7. Life is short..

We had to say this. Why would you spend the average of 65 years worrying about other’s opinions?

8. You reap what you sow.

Decisions you make will bring its consequences and you have to take the responsibility for them. If you don't no one will.

9. People don’t care as much as you think.

You’re maybe spending months while making a decision, so why would you listen to the ones who don’t even think 2 minutes about it? Who is gonna care about you more than yourself? Who would think about your life as much as you do? No one.

10. It limits your freedom.

Once you start living according to what others think, it gets worse every day. You’ll eventually find yourself dealing with unnecessary burdens.

11. You'll start to live for others after a while.

Other people will start to shape your life and you'll be overthinking what they say; which can make you sick in the end.

12. Finally, there is no such a thing as “pleasing everybody.”

No matter what you do, there will always be someone who doesn't like something about your life. You have to focus on making yourself happy before anyone else!

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