12 Life-Changing Facts About Dubai You Don't Know Yet!


Dubai is a real paradise for tourists. It provides all the opportunities for luxury shopping within a futuristic architectural landscape surrounded by gigantic skyscrapers. The worlds biggest flower garden and largest aquarium is also located in Dubai. Would you like to find out more facts about Dubai? Here you go!

Source: http://www.unbelievable-facts.com/2015/0...

1. The locals constitute less than 20% of the population there.

2. As opposed to 1 skyscraper in 1991, Dubai now has over 400.

3. In Dubai, if you lose, you gain: the government pays its citizens 2 grams of gold for every kg of body weight they lose!

4. In Dubai, you can get pizza delivered to your door by pushing a fridge magnet.

5. Dubai is building an entertainment complex which will cost about 150,000 times the 2012 revenue of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

6. The Dubai police fleet includes a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and a Bentley to allow them to catch speeding drivers who can outrun other cars.

7. License plates in Dubai are a symbol of prestige and status, with them being bought and sold for over $14 million – with 1-digit-numbers being the most desired, followed by 2-digits, and so on.

8. Some ATMs in Dubai dispense gold bars.

9. About one-third of Dubai’s GDP comes from its airport, which contributes around $22 billion to its GDP.

10. Dubai is building a 50,000,000 square foot climate-controlled indoor city from scratch.

11. There are thousands of luxury cars left abandoned in Dubai.

12. Although illegal, keeping exotic animals as pets is something of a fashion statement in Dubai.

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