12 Details From Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer To Skyrocket Your Excitement!


Winter is coming. We are patiently waiting for that winter to happen for almost 6 years now. Yesterday, HBO released a trailer for the upcoming season without telling anyone and words can't describe our excitement!

The latest trailer of Game of Thrones was released as of 24th of May.

You've seen the trailer? Good. Let's make an in-depth analysis of the upcoming season, together!

1. The gates of Westeros are opening for Daenerys Targaryen in Season 7.

Daenerys finally lands to Dragonstone, her father's birthplace. Not exactly in Westeros yet but King's Landing is not that far. Just a few dragon flaps away!

Daenerys finally sits on the throne which is her actual birth right. And she looks awesome...



2. We can say that Daenerys' army lost no time to attack around.

The Unsullied are in. So as Dothrakis! I wonder if that L stand for House Lannister?

3. Here we see Melisandre carefully spying on Daenerys!

As a matter of fact, we assume so. After Jon Snow exiled Melisandre from the North, she probably ended up in Dragonstone, where she spent a considerable amount of time with Stannis.

Can't help but wonder what Melisandre's next move will be?

4. These opening doors do belong to THE WALL!

Let's consider all the possible outcomes together:

Either they are planning a secret attack to take down White Walkers as a small group.

We don't know whether this is a logical move or not. Probably, they can't think properly due to freezing cold weather around the area. Another possibility might be Jon Snow seeking revenge for his brother Bran Stark.

Either way, it seems that they have a serious problem by looking at how they are running from it!😁

5. Look at the right corner! Apparently, Brienne of Tarth has arrived to Winterfell.

6. It seems that Jon Snow is also kicking Petry Baelish's ass.


Did he finally found out about Baelish's evil plans over Sansa Stark? As we can figure out from the scene, they are located at the graveyard that belong to the Stark family. Did Littlefinger speak about Jon's actual parents?

7. Looks like Arya is in trouble, once more!

These type of shot are generally used to give the audience the feeling of a chase. Who is she running from? The Hound? Or maybe a character we don't know yet? 

Maybe she is running from Ed Sheeran, who confirmed to take part as a guest actor in this season.

8. Is that Yara Greyjoy and Elaria Sand?

Yara was planning to steal Daenerys' heart? It seems like that ship has sailed!

9. Grey Worm and Missandei are getting even closer.

Love knows no borders, if you know what I mean?😁

10. Oh hi! This is Ser Jorah's hand speaking!

The disease is spreading around Ser Jorah's body. I wonder what that arm smells like in real life? EWW.

11. While Yara is having the time of her life with Elaria Sand, Theon is too busy being terrified by the mess his uncle Euron is making.

The question here is will Theon survive another season?

12. The Dragons has grown just A TINY BIT.

I don't think anyone has the power or the courage to stand against these creatures.

Be patient, dear viewer... The Season Premiere is near!

See you on 16th of July!

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