12 Brilliant Wildlife Crossings Around the World And Every Country Should Adopt!


The idea of encountering a moose or a deer on the highway as you drive at high speed can scary for you, it is also scary for the poor animal crossing the road. And wildlife crossings are structures that allow animals to safely cross human-made barriers like a highway. Here are some of them and every country should pay attention to!

1. Banff National Park in Canada

2. B38 - Germany

3. The Netherlands pay attention to the animals.

4. Norway strives to save bees!

5. Scotch Plains in USA also don't forget the wildlife animals.

6. E314 in Belgium

7. Red crabs in Australia also need help.

8. Tiny salamanders also won’t go unnoticed!

9. Interstate 78, Wachtung Reservation, New Jersey, USA

10. Flathead Indian Reservation in USA

11. Near Keechelus Lake in USA

12. The Borkeld, The Netherlands

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