11 Overrated Concepts Throughout History


There are tons of legends and myths mankind faced back in the days. These can be very overrated things and we want you to know about them. Brace yourselves, some of these might hurt.

We know some of the following are not true but we just want to watch you eat each other over the article while we watch. grabs popcorn

1. Knight

Just Google ‘Knight’ or look them up in history books. You’ll be amazed by the figure. A massive guy in shining armor, beautiful hair, sharp eyes, all butch and manly. They are all trustworthy, heroic guys. 

However, Knighthood is so overrated that you won’t believe it.  There were knights who stole, ran away from battle and, hell, can’t even hold a sword properly. If we are wrong, why did feudalism fall into ruins? All the crusades, all the battles and Templars. Where are they? How many do you have left? None, right? Knights are nothing more than mercenaries. Even though you place them around a round table and think they ran the whole world, they were still paid soldiers. They fight as long as they’re paid and then get drunk at an inn. You try and keep the ‘Knighthood’ alive with medals, awards and such but we’re not buying it. Knighthood is an overrated mercenary group, nothing more!

2. Lord

Nothing more than a guy running some land and ruling over some miserable slaves, Lord is such a big word. Big enough to make you want to stand up in respect every time you hear the word. Who’s here? The LORD is here. Holy moly, we must be prepared and bow down! 


Not. Lord is the title for king suck ups, sneaky types. They have a lot of land, and give it to the farmers so that they can run the land then make them pay taxes for it. They build an army with that tax money, in case there is a riot. They also have lots of castles made with that money too. Cruel, reckless…But nowadays, you look, there’s the lord chamber, lots of lord titles going around and such. Which tradition are they still chasing? Do you want to go back to feudal times and slavery? Do you recall any glorious, kind, caring lords from the past? Turkish people have a witty saying about this: ‘Buy a Ford, become a Lord.’ simple as that.

3. Cowboy

You think these guys are the best the USA has to offer. All of the handsome, muscular, attractive guys are dying to become cowboys, you think. They never allow you to become one if you are chubby or heroic. Once you start learning basic history in 5th or 6th grade, you realize they are nothing more than cattle shepherds and are no different than other simple, humble shepherds from around the world. They just ride around on horses and have fancy hats that’s all. Other shepherds have felt cloaks, but do we make it a sex object? No. Marlboro has been making money out of this cowboy image for years now, marketing it as the choice of ‘cool’ cowboys. If that cowboy was a normal guy, he’ll go buy any random cigarettes, but not cowboys -- they only smoke Marlboro, right? Don’t try to sell us cowboys any more.

4. Duel

Why do people promote duels as something very heroic? I mean these two incapable people can't solve their problems in a civilized manner, but then decide to fight each other? You might as well ambush the guy, since the idea is to kill. How can something related to murder be this popular and considered heroic? Take off your glove and hit the other guy in the face with it, because he looked at your wife. You meet at sunset in a deserted place, fight each other to the death, and people cheer for you, saying "look how brave you are!" LOL that’s so messed up. If you have a problem with the guy, talk to him, maybe hit him, but what’s up with killing him? What if you get killed in the duel? Will your kids look up to you and call you such a heroic father because you did a duel and died for a good cause? Don’t make me laugh, this is so stupid.

5. 40 days and nights wedding

Even if you are the king, sultan or whatever, you have no right to be this extravagant, reckless and impolite. The excuse is always the same: ‘We feed the poor and make sure they have a good time, too.’ The proper way to help others is not to organize a 40 days long wedding ceremony. If you care that much about others, just hold a regular ceremony and cover people’s needs, expenses with the money you can spare. People have more needs than just food and fun. You sit in your castle and think this is all there is to the matter. Sorry, but you became the king of impoliteness as well. What’s up with 40 days even? Don’t you get bored after the 3rd day?!

6. Martial arts

We get it, they all have different philosophy and represent something else. You need different techniques, expertise and practice to apply them. We respect that too. But really, what philosophy will you learn at a stinking basement disguised as a ‘Karate Academy?’ How will you teach people that judo is actually a form of art and you use it only to defend yourself?  Also if you have to learn all the teachings before you start? How many martial art masters are out there in the world who REALLY REALLY know everything there is about this, including the deep philosophy? In truth, the whole martial art thing is very far away from its core nowadays. Either rename it to ‘fighting,’ or accept it as a show off sport and be done with it.

7. Marcus Junius Brutus

Every time someone talks about being ungrateful, the undisputed king of ungratefulness, Brutus pops up. What did this guy really do? When everyone was stabbing Caesar, he stabbed him too and then the ever famous ‘Et tu, Brute?’ phrase came out. While you were butchering your people, almost claiming yourself as a god, and everyone in the senate was stabbing you to death, did you really think he would stop them by saying ‘Stop you guys he’s my brother in law!?' Let’s just say, he did save you with a miracle. Were you going to change all of Rome and make it a democratic, new republic? If you were smart in the first place, you would have done it in the beginning. If you still couldn’t manage, you should have protected Brutus, since you raised and trained him. You should have told him to stab you, so that all the others wouldn’t go stab him after they kill you. After all, Brutus is just a guy who stabbed Caesar to save himself. Mind you, Caesar was already going to die. Even though Brutus gave a big speech at the senate, there was no need to pin him down as an ungrateful jerk. He might have even thought he could replace Caesar after everything was done.

8. Eiffel Tower

Do the French really build anything that's extremely useful? All they do is add ‘French’ to something and claim it their own. French fries, French balcony, French kiss. Even their fashion sense, ‘Cravat,’ and their food ‘Snail.’

They slightly change something that already exists, and it’s a brand new French thing. Other people work hard and discover ties, balconies, fries and such. You just do your little addition and claim it as your own. I mean, a guy finds ‘kissing,' to be something so intimate and unique. You go and stick your tongue all the way in, and voila, French kiss! Bravo guys!

The Eiffel Tower is just another example of this. People work hard, find iron, construct a tower, and such. Then, you take all the credit for the Eiffel Tower. Lacking aesthetics, this big pile of metal promotes romance, love and all that crap. People keep buying it, which is the sad thing. There is nothing so overrated like the Eiffel Tower. Please just remove it from your lists now.

Jk jk, we love you guys. You know that…

9. Layla and Majnun

So what do we have here? Some guy loves a girl, but her father won’t let them marry. Then what? He just throws himself into the desert, choosing an exiled life, instead of working hard and earning her father’s trust. If I was Layla’s father, I would never give my daughter away to an extreme guy like you. Let’s say you get married and have a fight... Are you going to run away into the desert and abandon her again? Is this love, is this passion, or what is this? Stop it. Look at Farhad; the guy cuts through a freaking mountain to get to his lover. You just waste your energy screaming her name in the desert. Sorry, but yours is not a story of love, but a true example of a responsible father. He made a good choice. Also look at this photo, he looks totally stoned. He’s obviously up to something.

10. Vampires

This is the first time I've seen a sickness exaggerated this much. You drink other people’s blood, walk around only at night like a complete psycho, and then all the girls fall for you. You can’t even survive daylight even a peg, and you claim you are heroic, masculine and sexy. These are sick people who drink blood and have nothing else to do. Would it matter if he falls in love or becomes a hero? It’s complete nonsense to have such a useless figure matter so much in our history.

11. Lions

The true king of the forest should be a cheetah, Asian tiger, or even a baboon, if you ask me, but certainly not a lion. He spends his days laying down, lasts only 10-15 seconds during sex, and lets his wife do all the hunting while the male reigns the king. He has no other quality, yet still is the king. Unleash 5-10 hyenas on him, and he runs all over the Serengeti to get away from them, but he’s still the king? Who made you the king really? You are the king only in your own tribe, until a younger one comes and says that HE's the king. A puma, leopard, cheetah is two to three times better than you. Even pigs, bulls and hyenas are more organized than you, but you still call yourself the king? Maybe female lions should get a say in this, because they do much much more. 

Don’t come and tell me you are the king, after lasting only 10 seconds and leaving your woman unsatisfied.

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