Feeling Too Lazy? Here Are 10 Effective Ways Of Making Exercising Fun!


When kids play, they exercise and have fun at the same time. Stop thinking that exercise is a mandatory, boring task. You can bring the fun back into fitness with these 10 tips!

What is more important than the question of how you will exercise is to be able to find the strength, energy and motivation to exercise and hold onto it until you reach your target! You can actually burn lots of calories by jumping in your living room! Why haven't you tried it yet?

Lack of motivation is the biggest problem adults face when it comes to exercise. How can you find this motivation? The secret that will get you out of your bed, your couch, etc, and help you exercise, is as simple as making it fun!

1. Get rid of that monotony!


Don't only go for the treadmill, cycling or cross-trainer. Variety is the key to every successful fitness routine. That's why you should find more exciting alternatives.

Get a jump-rope. Put your roller blades on and speed through the street. Are you brave enough? How about an exercise ball, or medicine balls? How about moving that body in water? Why don't you get in touch with your inner child and start throwing frisbees around?

As long as you are having fun, you will forget that you are exercising (and burning calories).

2. Explore the great outdoors!

The wonderful outdoors is the biggest and richest playground of the world.

Explore the parks, picnic areas, forests, and lakes around you. You don't have to have a car and drive there or spend your whole day there. You definitely have something close enough to you. Just get dressed comfortably and start playing. Getting dirty is fun!

3. Don't have enough time for both socializing and exercising? Combine the two!


Exercising with your friends is another way of making it fun! While you are chatting with your friends and having a good time, you won't even realize that you are exercising.

You can sign up for salsa, zumba, hip-hop or kick-box classes with your friends; or at least use your lunch break to take a nice walk with your friends before eating.

4. Work-out for lazy people!

Spending too much time in front of your TV? You have probably made a pit on your seat.

According to research conducted by Harvard in 2003, watching TV even for two hours a day, increases the risk of obesity by 23%.

If you are addicted to your TV, turn your living room into a gym. Put your treadmill or whatever you have you can use to exercise at home in front of your TV. Exercise while watching TV. This is how you won't have to give up on your TV habits AND can still exercise. It won't suck as much as you will be distracted!

5. Turn up the music!


There is a song for everybody that will get them moving! You first start with thumping out and then find yourself dancing!

Adrenaline is the best friend of a work-out. That's why you should take your favorite music with you when you go to a gym. Music will distract you and exercising will not be difficult at all!

6. Find an incentive!

Awesome! You have set realistic and healthy targets and you will definitely follow through. Congrats! But how about your incentive? Nothing?

Obviously looking hot and being fit is a good enough incentive, but let's get real: you want more, don't you? Only very few people will be satisfied with waiting to look better. We want some return for our efforts and we want it now!

If that's the case, come up with an incentive program that won't benefit you 6 months later, but now. As long as the reward keeps you on track, it can be anything. Of course, don't go for a reward that will undo all your efforts. You can go for a new pair of shoes or a romantic weekend getaway.

No matter what you choose, choose something that will motivate you enough to get you to the finish line.

7. Prepare for a race!

When you are preparing for a race, you also involve adrenaline, excitement and expectations in your work-out. You set out to prove to yourself that you can do it! As there is a timeline for such events, you won't be as lazy.

If you are a first timer, start small. Participate in 5k runs first and see how you are doing. If you manage comfortably, go up a level. You can try a 10k run, half marathon or a short bicycle race.

Give yourself at least 10-12 weeks to prepare and record your improvement. Don't forget: every work-out brings you one step closer to the finish line!

8. Put a team together!

If sweating at a gym by yourself is not your thing, join the teams in your neighborhood. You can make new friends and be challenged, both of which are important motivations to exercise.

Planned work-outs and games will keep your exercise schedule regular and stable. As your skill will also move your team forward, you will feel more motivated and work hard to do better. 

Research the adult teams around you. You will be surprised once you see how many there are! Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, whatever you like! If there are no teams around you, how about you put one together yourself?

9. Make it a family matter!

Eating together is not the only way to spend quality time with your family after a long day. Make exercise a family tradition!

Your backyard is full of possibilities. Get a hoop and see who is the best! You can have teams of children and parents and play volleyball or dodge ball. Your options are only limited by your imagination!

Is it raining outside? Then stay in. Table tennis, dancing competitions, whatever you can think of!

10. Include your pet(s)!


Has your dog also started putting on some pounds? Animals need to exercise as much as we do. Taking your dog out is another chance for you to get in shape!

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