Are Gyms Really Safe? A Tragic Death Makes People Think
As the saying goes, you only live once, and whether you decide to go for a jog every morning, eat healthily or hit the weights at the gym, it’s important that you take care of your body for long enough to enjoy as much of life as possible before you die. Sometimes, our sincere attempts to improve our health backfire on us in a tragic fashion, and in a freak gym accident, one young man will be improving his health no more.The source
These People Are Windsurfing In Extreme Hurricane Conditions!
Red Bull Storm Chase is the toughest windsurfing contest in the world, and it’s back for 2017. The contest won't be held until the strongest storm of the winter hits the Northern Hemisphere. In the video below from the last contest, you’ll see how these brave windsurfers are fighting with extreme hurricane conditions and huge waves!
2017 Super Bowl Commercials: The Best & The Worst
Airing a commercial during the Super Bowl is surely an important thing for big companies. It is a chance to promote your product with a guaranteed number of audience. This year Super Bowl offered 51 different commercials. Here are 16 of those must-see advertisements for you to enjoy!🏈🏈🏈
Gōjū-ryū: The Art Of Killing A Person With Punches
Goju-ryu is a sport born in Okinawa, one of the Ryukyu Islands in Japan's southernmost province, where many karate techniques have emerged.This sport is one of the four karate arts accepted by the World Karate Federation. Gōjū-ryū stands for Hard-Soft Flow in Japanese.
15 Enlightening Ways How Successful Chess Players Also Succeed In Life!
For the more a man restricts himself the closer he is, conversely, to infinity...says Stefan Zweig, in his novella The Royal Game'. Isn't that really so?He says many true words in this novella; like how life and chess overlap, and how this is a beautiful thing. We tried our best at explaining ways that life and chess are so uniquely alike.
The Most Baller Footballer Of History: Ronaldinho!
Messi is talented - No arguing that. Cristiano Ronaldo is amazing as well. However, neither is quite like Ronaldinho. Children of his time wanted to grow up to be him. He will always be my first pick on FIFA. Let's see why that is.
Lucky Wingsuit Jumper Survived Horrible Crash In French Alps
Californian jumper Eric Dossantos' wingsuit crashed into a tree, but he managed to survive, though he broke multiple bones including three ribs and his left shoulder blade and sustained head trauma. 'I thought I had died. I had no idea what I was doing there or where I was. I couldn’t remember anything after the first jump of the day, except for a faint memory that I had been jumping,' he said after he gained conscious.
Valery Rozov Breakes World Record In Base Jumping!
Russian skydiving and BASE-jumping legend, Valery Rozov, jumped from the sixth highest mountain in the world, Cho Oyu and broke a new world record. Rozov, jumped from the 26,906-feet high Cho Oyu mountain, at the border of Nepal and Tibet. The 25,262-feet high jump made it in the world records!
36 Movies Every Sport Lover Must Watch
Sport is an art on its own. Every game has different rules and every player is an artist who applies his/her skills to the game. Along with theater, sports has been the center of popularity throughout the history. In this list, we put together 36 movies that show the art of sport through the art of the cinema. You can find everything from boxing to car racing.The movies were listed according to their IMDb ratings. Enjoy the list.The storylines were taken from IMDb.
A Dangerous Game Of Pool Played With Guns Instead Of Cues
This is the most dangerous game of billiards and was played by a crew that played it in a very unusual way. They used weapons instead of billiard cues! The members of Demolition Ranch, who seem to know their way around weapons, posted a new video, where they combined a pool table and guns!
18 Shots Of The Hottest Referee Ever Ekaterina Kostyunina!
Fans, managers and players are often angry with referees; and referees are hardly mentioned as long as they don't make a horrible decision during the game.Let me tell you this: forget everything you think you know about referees. I seriously doubt that anybody could be mad at this one; and she has already become a star!Behold the hottest referee ever!
Smart Eyewear That Coaches You While Exercising: Oakley Radar Pace
Oakley and Intel co-developed these small glasses named Radar Pace. This eye-wear has  a microphone and earphones, which give you the opportunity to speak with your virtual coach and shape your exercise routine. As soon as you start speaking to the glasses, all the data is compiled by its own mobile app and presented to you. If you have a target,  a suitable program is created accordingly!.
10 Hilarious Own Goals In Soccer!
Even if you aren't a football fan, you are going to love these, because who doesn't like funny fails? These unlucky people ended up 'scoring' an own goal because of carelessness, and sometimes as a result of a tiny mistake. We have important and influential players such as Robin Van Persie, David Alaba, Gareth Bale and many more in this list!Enjoy!
Frozen Human Bodies On Everest Are Used For Finding Directions Now!
As we all know, Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world, which many mountaineers climb to see the summit. However, many people have lost their lives during this journey, be it because of falling off the cliffs, oxygen deficiency, and avalanches.The bodies of these people, who died on the way to the peak are now used by other climbers to set the route. Here are the mysterious bodies on the slopes of Mount Everest.
18 Legendary Fight Movie Stars And Their Shocking Then&Now Looks!
Fight movies were quite popular between the 70s and 90s, as you may also remember. These movies hold a special place for those who were kids during that period. Every time such movies were shown on the TV, we tried to master (actually fail to imitate) the moves of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, or Jean-Claude Van Damme to try and become a complete bad-ass (wannabe).We were wondering how the dudes in those movies look now and prepared this 'then and now' piece for you guys!Here are those 18 bad boys: how they looked back then, and what they look like now.
The First Non-Rectangular And Unique Soccer Fields In The World
The Unusual Football Field Project was developed in the overpopulated region of Bangkok called Khlong Toei. It is believed that there aren't any usable open areas in this region, however, this awesomely creative project that we saw on Boredpanda set out to turn various spaces into non-rectangular football fields. Way to show that sports know no boundaries!
He Is A Legend: Ken Block Shared His Gymkhana 9 Video
Gymkhana 9, the last part of the breathtaking series, was recently released by Ken Block, the world-renowned rally and show pilot who possibly has the most fans. This time, he drove the race car named Ford Focus RS RX, which has 600 HP and 895nm torque power. Enjoy the video and the awesome skills!
How To Permanently Burn Calories While Exercising
Did you know that what you eat after exercising is very important in order not to take back the calories you burn during your work out and in order to avoid muscle loss? Your post work-out meal is as important as your work-out itself.Awesome, you exercise, you burn calories, and you want to keep it that way and not want to take them back. But how?Let's see what your post work-out meal should look like!
Football Vs. American Football: Let The Game Begin
When we talk about 'football', the whole world seems to stop. It's one of the biggest forms of entertainment for people. The channel People Are Awesome made a video with the talented players from both football (soccer) and American football. Enjoy the show!
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