Zayn Malik Might Confirm That Taylor Swift Suitcase Thing


Zayn Malik did something bad! ❓🎶🎶


Malik got honest during the interview he gave to Vogue US.

After the questions about his relationship with Gigi Hadid and his honest thoughts about former band mates, at some point, the interviewer asked about his ''I Don't Wanna Live Forever'' collaborator, Taylor Swift.

''She was travelling around in a suitcase,'' he told Vogue.

Wait, whaaat?

Let's make a flashback to summer 2017 where Hiddleswift drama was heading up to its peak and it was reflected on media two men were carrying a suitcase in front of the apartment where Swift lives in New York. But nobody thought anything about the suit'case' first.

Ironically it was speculated that she exited her apartment that way in order to avoid paparazzi.

It was said that men were carrying ''Delicate'' singer in a suitcase into her truck and the incident went viral even though the fact that how tall Swift is.

However, it's still a theory and we can shake it off until Taylor Swift herself say a word.

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