You Can Actually Tell What A Movie Is All About From The Cover And Here's How!


I bet you’ve already realized how similar some movie posters to each other and how full of cliches the poster game really is. A movie expert prepared this brilliant list that shows a whole bunch of movie poster cliches and exactly what they tell us about the film we’re about to watch. You’ll never look at the movie posters the same way again!

1. Back to back

Do the main roles have a hate/love relationship and are forced to work together to get the job done? Show them off with backs against each other.

2. One eye

One eye looking eerily to the public: Probably a horror movie, but human nature will be a theme.

3. Yellow all over

A bright yellow poster is probably an independent movie but with a mainstream enough script so it is accessible for the main public

4. Flouting heads

Big heads over small people, the beach or a desert, silhouette at the ocean and pastel colors, bring your tissues because tears will flow with this emotional drama...

5. Backshot of a loner

Feel the drama while looking over the shoulder of our hero, he/she is most likely holding a weapon.

6. In bed

Main characters in a bed (often frowning to each other) indicates that the problems are just there, in the bedroom

7. Blue

Movies revolving around animals are most likely with blue posters with white letters. Add a big moon for drama.

8. Black/white

Black and white faces and a background with colored flames, this will be a packed action movie.

9. Skewed and running

He’s running! But where? A thriller, the blue adds to the suspense as the main lead is unwillingly pulled into a drama in which he needs to discover something.

10. Red dress

A woman in a red dress, it's a romcom!

11. Through the legs

This movie poster signals the movie is about sex, nothing more, nothing less.

12. Blindfolded hero

This movie will be about a hero fighting for justice, not only with his fists but up against the bureaucracy/government.

13. Big font over a face

A picture which looks from a booth with the name pasted on it, probably a remarkable non-traditional hero.

14. Mosaic face

A face made up of several objects or pictures. A troubled hero or hero who struggles with his world or principles.

15. Reflecting sunglasses

It just makes people look tougher, doesn’t it? No general movie type, just overly used.

16. Over the shoulder

A woman looking over her shoulder, this movie will have a tough or intelligent chick as the lead or main role.

17. The bench

When the main characters are on a bench the movie will be about eccentric people. They have a problem but it can be solved with a positive attitude.

18. Headless woman

The lead will be tough, funny, or clumsy, again no real genre but overly used.

19. The Tom profile

On many of his movie posters, the face of Tom Cruise is shown as a profile. Can you blame him?

20. Now you can make your own Hollywood poster! 🙌

Source: 9gag

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