Winter Is Coming! And Here's the First Teaser Trailer & Some Clues About The Final Season


The final season will start in April, 2019 and we cannot wait for the biggest battle scene in TV history!


Teaser trailer dropped yesterday! Here's our first look at the final season:

Moreover, the Night King actor, Vladimir Furdik gave some clues about the season and the biggest battle scene in TV history:

In a recent interview with Hungarian news website, Sorozat Wiki, the actor confirmed that fans will finally get to see the ultimate battle we've all been waiting for since we first saw Jon Snow take on the White Walkers.

"In the third part of the last season, there is a battle that the creators intend to be the biggest in television history. Almost the full episode will be about the battle, it will take about an hour."

The battle scene which will take place in the 3rd episode took them to shoot for 2 and a half months in North Ireland. The scene takes place in Winterfell according to Furdik.

So you know the walkers have well and truly come into Westeros after getting the dragon to destroy the Wall.

With this huge battle between (presumably) Jon and the Night King happening in the first half of the six-part season, it leaves the question: what's going to happen in the last three episodes??? And who will take the Iron Throne???

Like all other members of the cast, Vladimir was very protective about the end of the show, but did give his opinion on the theory of Bran Stark being the Night King.

"It would be an amazing surprise, but I can tell you that there will be no shortage in Season 8. There will be a lot of dragons, the Night King will return, and the biggest battle of the season will be completed. It will be interesting to see what David Benioff has found out for the big finale. But I cannot tell more about it." Furdik said

And I'm losing my mind!!!

One thing is certain... ''Winter is coming.'' Share your thoughts with us!

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