When You See These 17 Strange Eating Habits Of Animals You Will Be Stupefied


Like humans, animal kingdom has also bizarre eating habits...

17. In the Amazon, butterflies drink the tears of turtles.

16. Male nursery spiders must catch a bug, wrap it up, and bring it to a female. He then mates with her while she eats it.

15. Snow monkeys wash their food in salt water before eating it.

14. Northern shrikes stick their leftover carcasses up on pointy surfaces like thorns or fences for later.

13. Ostriches eat stones to help them break down and digest their food.

12. Ommatokoita elongata are a crustacean that live on the corneas of some sharks and eat at their eyes until they are blinded.

11. Chameleons can extend their tongues up to 1.5 times their body length to catch prey.

10. The tongue of a woodpecker is so long that it wraps around the skull. This protects the brain from harm while pecking.

9. Honey bees must ingest and regurgitate flower nectar repeatedly until it becomes honey.

8. Mantis shrimp move their limbs up to 50 miles per hour to punch and smash their clam and crab prey.

7. Corcodiles swallow their prey whole without chewing if it is small enough.

6. Red squirrels break open maple trees so they can eat the syrup.

5. Skua birds harass other birds until they throw up their food and eat it.

4. Archerfish shoot water out of their mouths to knock down and eat insects above the water.

3. Caecillians are legless amphibians that eat their mother's skin until they are fully grown.

2. The star-nosed mole catches and eats its prey in a fraction of a second.

1. Egyptian vultures use rocks as hammers to open ostrich eggs.

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