What Does ASL Mean On TikTok?

What Does ASL Mean On TikTok?

Kimjun Demo
October 23 2022 - 04:22pm

The new meaning of ASL on TikTok might surprise you.

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As we are driven to be curious about what we see and what we hear, we always find a way to look for an answer. Educating ourselves in these types of phrases will benefit us in the future, especially since modern technology is rapidly evolving. Many internet slang nowadays is very hard to understand and sometimes creates misunderstanding, like 'fyp,' 'brb,' 'tyl,' and 'lmfao'.

ASL in this manner is not a phrase from TikTok. It is not even a popular hashtag that went viral that every TikTok user and influencer uses. ASL actually stands for 'Age, Sex, and Location' and is a standard internet phrase. Some people also justify that ASL means American Sign Language. However, because social media has created a virtual environment for the majority of Generation Z, they have given this common internet phrase a new meaning.

According to some, ASL in TikTok was spelled in lower cases like 'asl' and stands for 'as hell'. With the different meanings we have regarding this internet slang, it becomes confusing how people use and read it.

In a Tweet, someone wrote: 'I woke up about hungry asl this morning.' The delivery of this message relies on how people analyze and read it. If we read the phrase as 'age, sex, and location', this would create a big misunderstanding in people.

To give you more information about this internet slang, here are some lists of internet slang that might help you.

BSF-Best Friend

We are used to knowing that BFF means Best Friends Forever and BF stands for boyfriend. However, the term 'Best Friend' has recently become popular on TikTok as BSF. Though the use of abbreviations in this manner is quite hard to interpret, through its popularity, it has become accepted on the internet.

FYP- For You Page

Whether it is in lower or uppercase, it is always visible on TikTok posts. Sometimes people just simply use it as a caption. FYP stands for For You Page. It is the main page located on TikTok, similar to the Explore Page on Instagram. In FYP, you can watch suggested videos given by TikTok.

OF- Only Fans

TikTok users and influencers use 'OF' as an abbreviation of 'Only Fans. It actually refers to a subscription online that they use to avoid being reported for not spelling the whole word 'only fans.'

As of now, ASL is not the only abbreviation on the internet that defines different points of view. Some liked the convenience of using such slang, but some were still confused about how Generation Z came up with such a word.

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