This Man Wanted To Sleep “5 More Minutes” So Often That He Built His Own Plane


Frantisek Hadrava, a 45-year-old Czech man, built a plane so that he could spend a little more time at home (in bed) in the mornings before he goes off to work. He says it took 2 years to built it.

What he had in mind was to be able to get to work faster. Obviously…

“It takes me about 12-14 minutes by car,” he says, “By plane, it would take around 4-5 minutes if I flew directly.”

He is nicer than you think, people. He doesn’t want to piss his neighbors off, so he takes a bit of a detour so that he doesn’t disturb people early in the morning. Then it takes about 7 minutes.

After he lands in a meadow, he pushes the plane across the road to a parking lot outside the factory where he works as a locksmith.

It takes up about four parking spaces, but I suppose his coworkers aren’t whining about it much.

The mostly-wood plane cost about $4,000. Best $4,000 ever spent, don’t you think? Btw, he says he’s working on another one. Go Hadrava!

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