This Lady Is Breaking The Internet With Her 12 Beautiful Persians!


The Japanese lady who owns 12 beautiful Persian cats is trying to break the "cat lady" stereotype of being sad and lonely. She has 258k followers on Instagram, and it's no wonder why. We can't imagine what it's like to live with 3 cats let alone 12 of them, let's take a look at every cat lover's dream house...


As owner of 12 kitties, this Japanese lady describes herself as a "proud full-time mom."

This big hearted lady is trying to show people what it's like to live with 12 Persian cats...

...And break the "cat lady" stereotype.

”I’m happy, so it doesn’t really matter what other people think about me having this many cats.”

“It started when we met our first cat, Yuki."

"We took her home after rescuing her in the middle of the road where we found her dirty and freezing.”

Later on she decided to adopt 2 more beautiful Persians.

What about the other 9?

The other Persians are the children of these cats.

Now, they are all spayed and neutered... make sure no more kitties come popping out.

So how does she make all these 12 furballs pose for the camera at the same time?

“I wave their favorite feather toy to get their attention and call the names of those who don’t look.”

Some names of these fluffy kitties are Yuki, Shou, Momo, Yuri, Ai, Bruce...

...Blackie, Kaya, Karu, James, Tiger, and Goodie...

We thank this beautiful lady in the name of all animal lovers, who is kind enough to give all these kitties a home. ☀

You can find her Instagram page here.

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