'The Walking Dead' Is Back With A Mid-season Premiere And The Internet Has Lost It Once Again!


The Walking Dead's midseason premiere aired on February 12, and fans are still catching up and "debriefing" from an amazing episode. The end of season 7A actually ended on a somewhat upbeat note, with “the gang” back together with a renewed focus on taking down Negan, something an uncomfortably subservient Rick should have been doing from the start.

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Midseason Premiere Promo was released last week:

While fans were upset about last season, fortunately, for a show as successful as “The Walking Dead,” a ratings drop still leaves it as the No.1 show on cable with more than 10 million viewers and an impressive stranglehold on the 18 to 49 demographic.

Of course, fans on social media were quick to have fun watching the reaction from the gang seeing someone friend a tiger in this zombie world. We run through the best of Twitter’s reactions  to the midseason premiere - but be warned, you'll find some spoilers for Season 7 Episode 9 packed into the following tweets in case you haven't watched yet.

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