The Strong Women of GoT Are Changing Gender Roles!!

> The Strong Women of GoT Are Changing Gender Roles!!

Who doesn't like Game of Thrones? It has everything you've ever wanted, from zombies to dragons. It is no surprise that it is one of the most speculative TV shows of today.

Game of Thrones owes its success to its cleverly written and extraordinary characters. Especially women characters are under the radar for being strong and independent.

Here are the stories of strong women of GoT...

Let's face it! The world of GoT is a patriarchy.

In a universe where the dead can come back, people can swap faces, where the word impossible is invalid, the women characters are never equal to men.

1. Shall we start with Sansa Stark? When the show started, everyone hated Sansa for being a reckless character.

Sansa was a sweet and kind girl. Contrary to Arya, she was annoyingly calm and decent.

She wasn't after playing with swords, she was interested in embroidery. All of these 'feminine' behaviors are thought to be signs of weakness. Many thought a woman should be more courageous in a wild world like GoT.

The most delicate character of the show went through a lot of bad things!

Sansa was subjected to a lot of physical and psychological violence. She was carried from one place to another to a wife of people she doesn't even like. She was brutally raped.

However, the innocent princess has come to be much stronger than we've imagined. She has proven that being patient is the key!

She spent years in palaces in between diplomatic meetings. Unlike Jon and Arya, she learned how to take down her enemies through politics.

She learned from the mind trick masters Cercei and Lord Baelish. She knows how people are unpredictable. Nothing can stop her from now on.

After all, she is a Stark!

She was the one who saved Winterfell. She was the one who persuaded Jon to battle. She was the one who made all the arrangements and who called the Knights of the Vale.

Although, she warned Jon about Ramsay's mind tricks, they couldn't save their brother. 

We adore Sansa for being strong and intelligent!

2. From the moment she appeared on TV, Arya changed the gender role game.

'I don't want to be a lady' is Arya's catchphrase.

Be careful what you wish for girl, as it might come true.

When you thought she was gonna be a lady...

Arya is a super strong young woman. She is capable of adapting to any situation and she manages to survive no matter what. Team Arya!

3. Daenerys Targaryen! In the beginning, Daenerys was a delicate princess. When she was sold by her own brother to the Dothraki, she was a passive character.

Daenerys was abused by her brother. Then, she was raped by the man who 'bought' her. She went through tough times as a woman.

She had to spend a lot time proving herself until she was considered to be the "chosen one."

Although, it is sometimes believed that she owes her power to her dragons, in reality, Dany is an ambitious and talented leader!

She is living proof that women are not governed by their emotions.

Khaleesi is constantly making reasonable decisions.

She knows that being dependent on someone is not necessary to be happy. She is after bigger things!

Go Khaleesi! She puts freedom and justice over absolute power. She is against slavery.

4. On a universe where fighting skills carry a significant importance, we got our Brienne of Tarth!

We get to know Brienne as a knight first and a lover second. 

She is smart, intelligent and powerful! What more can you ask??

She is one of the most grounded characters of the GoT universe!

She is both compassionate and considerate. 

We adore you Brienne!

We cannot forget the time she punished the rapists!

5. A free being who is touched by the fire: Ygritte!

Ygritte was the first wildling we've seen on the show. Although, ironically she was the hostage of Jon Snow (We choose to ignore this for now). She has shown Jon Snow and all the audience what being a 'wildling' meant, while destroying all the gender patterns.

She was constantly teasing Jon Snow!

We miss you Ygritte!

6. With Brienne's words, Lady Catelyn was a "powerful lady!"

Patience, compromise, strength, intelligence... Lady Catelyn had everything you can expect from an independent lady. Her intuition was very advanced.

Brienne once told her that she is a strong lady whose power is derived from her femininity.

7. Idealist, smart, brave...Talisa Stark!

Talisa rejected being noble for following her own truth.

She was working as a healthcare provider. She was helping the people wounded in battle. She was cool, brave and intelligent. Special thanks to Arya who got your revenge!

8. Our beautiful Margaery Tyrell proved to us that you don't have to be cruel to be a leader!

Margaery was extremely ambitious and intelligent. She knew how to use words to get what she wanted. She was feeling ready to rule! 

She was taking the steps on the road to be a queen and she was inspiringly patient during this process. However, Cersei happened. We will always remember you!

9. The mentor of our dreams, Olenna Tyrell!

Olenna Tyrell knows when to be strong and kind. She always keeps her attitude in balance.

She is capable of ruling all of Westeros with her brilliant mind!

10. You love her, you hate her: Cersei Lannister!

First things first, we have agree on the fact that Cersei is a strong lady! She had to go through a lot of unpleasant things just to get where she is today. She is on the Iron Throne, btw!

11. The one who can bring the dead back to life: Melisandre!

We don't have to question your authority!

12. Once a slave, now a savior: Osha!

She knows how to fight, she knows nature, and she knows how to trick people to get what she needs. She was a strong and independent warrior.

13. Yara Greyjoy!

Yara Greyjoy even stole Khaleesi's heart! It's not a big surprise that she stole ours, too. 

She was not considered for the throne just because she is not a man. We would like to see more Yara in the following seasons.

14. Can we have a moment for Lyanna Mormont?

She was literally the most unexpected surprise of this season. She proved to us that signs of leadership, strength and intelligence can begin at the very early stages of life.

On every scene we saw Lyanna in, she has shown her ambition and determination.

On every scene we saw Lyanna in, she has shown her ambition and determination.

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

"Talk to the hand!"

We are thrilled to watch strong ladies on GoT. We can't wait to see more of them in the next episodes!