The Story Behind ‘They Did Surgery On A Grape’ Memes That Brought The House Down!


Did you know that 'they did surgery on a grape'? :(

The backstory goes that the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre used a grape to practice surgical capabilities of their medical robots.

Since then, it has stuck in the minds of users and the concept has spun out from there.

1. The clip first was shared by Instagram user SimpleDorito with the caption “they did surgery on a grape” written multiple times.

It suddenly became one of the most talked about memes.

2. One simply posted the word “Grape” and was shared tens of thousands of times.

3. The grape that had a surgery has even inspired horoscopes.


5. Donald Trump was shouting at the White House about the grape.

6. Grape's Anatomy, best pun ever!

7. *and the second date never happen*

8. If you get confused when you read an abbreviation, it's not your fault...

9. A kind-hearted burger visited the grape.

10. Did you know that they did surgery on a grape?

11. Poor docs :(


13. Good news, it lives!


15. They finally did surgery on a grape!!!


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