The Stars of Home Alone 25 Years Later!


Home Alone is a real classic. It includes everything you expect from a family movie: fun, adventure and lots of emotions. This is the reason why it is still (and always) fun to watch even after 25 years.

Do you ever wonder how your favorite characters look like in the present day? Here you go!

***This list compiles the actors from Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.


1. Mr. Hector played by Tim Curry

2. Mrs. Stone played by Dana Ivey

3. Cedric played by Rob Schneider

4. Pigeon Lady played by Brenda Fricker

5. Aunt Leslie played by Terrie Snell

6. Uncle Frank played by Gerry Bamman

7. Fuller McCallister played by Kieran Culkin

8. Linnie McCallister played by Angela Goethals

9. Jeff McCallister played by Mike Maronna

10. Megan McCallister played by Hillary Wolf

11. Buzz McCallister played by Devin Ratray

12. Peter McCallister played by John Heard

13. Kate McCallister played by Catherine O’Hara

14. Marvin Merchants played by Daniel Stern

15. Harry Lime played by Joe Pesci

16. Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin

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