The Legend Is Back! Let's Look At The Details Of The First Episode Of Prison Break


Finally! The legendary TV series is back! Prison Break is back on television again after 8 years. If you remember, it used to be one of the best TV series. The plans that Scofield had in his mind made us all curious and we couldn't stop ourselves from watching 6-7 episodes in a row. Let's see what happened in the first episode of Prison Break. I should warn you, this post is full of spoilers!

Everything is written about the the show, so if you haven't watched it yet, it's better if you take a look later.👍

In a period when TV series were not as intense as it is today, two rival series were blowing like storms; One was Lost, and the other was Prison Break.

Here we are with one of these two legends, Prison Break. It's with us again after 8 years.👊

If you watched the show then you know that it was one of a kind and the other series were just not as good. It took us some time to get over it.

There was a lot of thrillers which amazed the fans of the show. And they would finish at a certain point then it was quite difficult to not continue watching if you were watching online.

We watched at least 6-7 episode a day.

As of yesterday, the first episode of the new season was released and we reunited again. But did it meet our expectations?

At the end of the series, we made jokes like "Scofield will run away from the other side this time." But the joke became real!

In the meantime, examine the differences in the grave stone in the new episode with the gravestone in the final episode, there are important details. 🤔

Everyone agrees that even though the new episode was 40 minutes long, it felt like 10 minutes.

With the curiosity of what's going on, we didn't understand how the time passed, we wanted to watch more as we watched it. There were a lot of questions in our minds.

Because we missed it after all those years, we felt the urge to watch all the episodes at once.

Lincoln is in trouble again like he always has been.

We see the T-Bag coming out of the Fox River, I guess we don't need to mention the hand from the famous scene.

He drew the days he spent in the prison on his wooden hand.

Let's remember the hand scene with this gif.

Things start to happen... Lincoln takes an envelope from T-Bag, and we see the possibility that Michael might be alive.

The reactions to such a crucial possibility here and in later scenes could have been more striking.

Then T-Bag has a better arm than he expected when he put the arm on. A donation has been made by someone who calls himself "Nobody."

The person called "Nobody" is probably Michael. Apparently, he will include T-Bag to his plan some way.

As for Sara ... she seems to be getting used to Michael's absence. It's frustrating to see she is with a very pushy guy. 😒

Michael and Sara's kid is also very smart. The Scofield uniform he wears also makes us smile. ☺️

Scofield shows his wisdom without being seen.

When a word comes out in the scrambled letter his brother sent, Lincoln finds out where he is: Ogygia.

A prison in Yemen ... This time we are sailing to a new adventure in the Middle East.

The C-Note became a jihadist, devoted enough not to let go of his coif even when he is beating somebody.

He's willing to help out an old friend in Yemen when he learns what's going on.

Sucre ... The man everyone loved became a sailor. He is, of course, very eager to find Michael.

A sailor? Let me guess, they can escape by sea! Half of Yemen has a coastline already. ⛴🌊

Sucre and Michael haven't seen each other face to face yet, but soon they will have a hug like this.

Just like the old days.

When Michael Scofield's name is searched, there's someone else everywhere instead of him. It's like he has been erased from history.

By the way, this person is not a random person, but Paul Scheuring, the creator of the series.

Prison Break is on top again with its intelligence. 👊

Then Lincoln focuses on the name on the jacket: Kaniel Outis.

It is understood afterward that it is a clue. Michael is in prison with that name. He's doing time in prison as a pro-terrorist accused of trying to overthrow the government.

Things are serious.

In the end, Lincoln and Michael finally see each other ... But there is something strange, Michael says he doesn't recognize him.

At first we think he lost his memory, but it wasn't too long before we understood from his face that he had to act that way.

The tattoos ib his hand grab our attention. Just like in the first season, he tattooed his body with an escape plan. He seems to have a similar plan.

It reminds me of "Hamsa," a common symbol among different cultures in the Middle East.

It reminds me of "Hamsa," a common symbol among different cultures in the Middle East.
It reminds me of "Hamsa," a common symbol among different cultures in the Middle East.

There is a possibility that it's "the eye that sees everything," which may have been the reason he acted like he didn't know his brother.

C-note recorded to prove Michael's still alive. When they watch the recording, they will capture the details and possibly resolve their meaning.

The setting of this new prison resembles the setting of the prison in the third season. It's very inhumane.

There's even whipping.

The first episode ends like this, although it's generally a bit below expectations, we weren't bored for a second, and we were blown away.

These 9 episodes may be followed by season 6 as well. Nine episodes won't be enough since we're used to 22 episodes but it's better than nothing.

We're really curious about Scofield's plans in the next episodes.

Here is the promo of the second episode.

We really missed them, haven't we!

I'm so happy they started again. 😌

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