The House of The Dragon: The Next Dragon Dreamer Revealed!

The House of The Dragon: The Next Dragon Dreamer Revealed!

Kimjun Demo
October 12 2022 - 10:22am

The House of the Dragon has revealed that the next Dragon Dreamer was born in the Targaryen clan.

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Who is the next Dragon Dreamer?

Princess Helaena Targaryen is the daughter of King Viserys and Queen Alicent. She was revealed in the 6th episode of House of Dragons, learning millipedes with her mother, Queen Alicent. As a princess, she was known to be bug-obsessed.

A rule of the House of Dragon said that Helaena would marry her brother Aegon II, but she also had a skill that was rarely passed down in their generation.

Just like her siblings, she is also a dragon rider and rode a dragon's dreamfyre. As the death of her father made her husband and brother kings, she will be crowned the Queen of Valyria.

What is a Dragon Dreamer?

A Dragon Dreamer is one who possesses an ability called Greenlight. Greenlight was defined as the ability to see the future through dreams. As dreams play a huge part in their reign, the existence of these visions and the Dragon Dreamer have made sure to secure the power and reign of the royal family.

As the blood of Old Valyria runs in their veins as Targaryens, magic becomes a natural thing for them. They believed that the magic that they possessed was tied to their dragons. As seers of the Targaryens, they have dragon dreams.

Dragon dreams aren't given to every member of the Targaryens. In episode 6 of the House of Dragons, Helaena is given a chance to be in the spotlight. In a scenario where Queen Alicenf and Aemond talked about him not having a dragon, his sister Helaena muttered, 'He'll have to close an eye. 

In a fight against his older brothers, Lucerys draws a dagger that slashes out Aemond's right eye, which makes the vision of Helaena come true. Because of this, Aemond gained a dragon whose eye serves as a fair trade.

Helaena's Visions

Aside from her vision of Aemond losing an eye, there are a lot of events that prove that she has the eyes of the Dragon Dreamer. Helaena once stated that 'the last ring has no legs at all,' which is debatable whether she is referring to Bran Stark's legacy or Aegon II.

There was also this scene in which Helaena was playing with a spider and constantly talking about 'hand turns loom, spool of green, spool of black, dragons of flesh, weaving dragons of thread.' If we analyze the phrase 'hand turns loom,' it may refer to the return of Otto Hightower as the hand of the king. As Helaena possessed a future-predicting power, she became both a threat and a savior of the kingdom. We also know that there are circumstances in which Targaryens misinterpret the message and the visions of their dreams, as it appears to be a riddle that they have to solve and seek answers to.

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