The Band That Once Stole Our Hearts: The Backstreet Boys

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This band is the reason why many young girls started loving music and learned how it felt to have a crush on a celebrity. The Backstreet Boys are one of the very few bands that are still active. In our nostalgia tour today, we commemorate these guys! Ready to time travel?

Backstreet Boys came into our lives 20 years ago, in 1996.

Naturally, they attracted the attention of young girls at the time, i.e., people who were born in the late 70s and 80s.

There was New Kids On The Block and Take That before them, but those guys' target generation was completely different. This band, from the USA, was super popular all over the world.

.Even at a time when we didn't have a proper internet connection, they turned into a craze that affected teenage girls all over the world.

Everybody had their own favorite band member, which is the case for every boy-band, among the crew of the Backstreet Boys, which consisted of Nick Carter, A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell.

With no doubt, the member that most stood out in Back Street Boys was Nick Carter. Most girls had a crush on him because he was blond and had a baby face; however, all the members had their own solid share of fans.

Their first album was called "Backstreet Boys;" the second, "Backstreet's Back;" the third, "Millenium;" and fourth, "Black&Blue". All were a great success internationally.

The success was so huge that the "Millenium" was the top selling album in 1999. In 2013, it was still the 4th most sold albums of all times. Also, "Black & Blue" (2000) broke a record by selling 5 million within the first week of its release and became the album that sold the most in a week.

Backstreet used to be what 'One Direction' is now.

But their image was (obviously) way different. They were considered more mature compared to the 'N Sync', which came into the play after them.

After making it to the top with their successful albums, they took a break from music.

Of course everybody knew that the next step for them would be solo albums. However, Nick Carter's first solo album "Now or Never" unfortunately wasn't very successful.

His brother Aaron tried to become the Justin Bieber of that time: Aaron Carter - Aaron's Party. Neither of their success was little enough to be looked down on, but considering the success of Back Street Boys, the right think for Nick Carter to do was to go back to the band. He could actually never explain why he had left the band to begin with, that's why his return was not problematic at all.

When they made their comeback in 2005, they were naturally more mature. However, the inevitable end that awaits every band did come for them, too.

A year after releasing the "Never Gone" (2005) album, Kevin Richardson went to his own separate way and left the band.

After Kevin's departure, the band continued their work.The four remaining members focused on tours and released two other albums. However, they were always incomplete, in a sense.

Although the band toured with another big boy band 'New Kids On The Block" and made their loyal fans happy, Back Street Boys couldn't shake off the absence of a member. In 2012, Kevin surprisingly came back to the band, which then released the album "In a World Like This" in 2013.

"In a World Like This" was kinda rushed, but the band has recently been working on a bigger comeback with the original member.

According to Nick Carter, who became a father this year, the Backstreet Boys is preparing to make a big comeback and celebrate being with their fans with their original squad. The legendary band, which will start with a 9-concert Las Vegas deal, will hit the studio for the new album later on. It is very meaningful that these guys are still together, while others are disbanding one by one.

Backstreet Boys will always be special for their fans. ❤️
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