Steam Alert! 15 Famous Men Who Would DEFINITELY Get Your Attention In Their Youth


We really wish what happened to Dorian Gray happened to these men, too!

1. Richard Gere

If you don't think he looks like the summer crush that will break your heart into pieces until you turn into a hipster, you should probably get your eyes checked.

2. Paulo Coelho

Um, okay!

3. Steven Spielberg

Is this the guy that everybody settles down with, or is this the guy that everybody settles down with??

4. Stan Lee

Imagine meeting him in his youth and witnessing his genius, too!

5. Gérard Depardieu

Okay, this was unexpected...

6. Prince Charles

Does he resemble William a little?

7. Elton John

He may have grown old but he sure as hell kept young with his cool!

8. Mark Strong

Can you believe this guy's 55 years old?!

9. Hugo Weaving

He aged like a fine wine.

10. Karl Lagerfeld

Again, the coolnes!

11. Idris Elba


12. Ozzy Osbourne

Hoping that we will grow old as cool as this men! 🤞

13. Leslie Nielsen

Looking like a true gentleman...

14. Christopher Lee

How much has he changed?!

15. Gordon Ramsay

A true heartbreaker, right there.


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