Should Fans Expect the Second Season of ‘Echoes’

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> Should Fans Expect the Second Season of ‘Echoes’

Echoes is a seven-episode drama series that debuted on Netflix on August 19 2022. Despite being a limited series, the show's executive producer, Brian Yockey hopes that Netflix will renew it for a second season or perhaps green-light a spin-off.

‘Echoes’ Synopsis

Echoes focuses on identical twin sisters Gina and Leni, who have been secretly trading places since they were kids, unbeknownst to their family and friends. Their secret seems to remain safe until one of them disappears. 

Echoes makes for an interesting watch, with lots of unforeseen twists and turns. 

Michelle Monaghan assumes the role of both twins, Gina and Leni McCleary. Other stars taking up roles in the show include Matt Bomer, Daniel Sunjata, Karen Robinson, Jonathan Tucker, Ali Stroker, Victoria Abbott, Rosanny Zayas, Michael O’ Neill, Celia Weston and Alise Willis.

How Does ‘Echoes’ Rate?

After Echoes’ final season revelation, fans are wondering whether to expect a second installment. 

A lot comes to play when deciding the future of a show, including its viewership hours. Netflix noted that Echoes topped the list of most-watched shows during its initial week, accumulating 68.5 million hours. The series retained its number one position during the second week, although with a drop in viewership to 36.6 million hours. 

Furthermore, Echoes is in the streamer’s Top 10 list across 31 countries, meaning it has a massive following. 

The series shows promise, with average ratings of 5.9/10 on IMDb, 80% on Google Reviews and 25% on Rotten Tomatoes (with an audience score of 44%). 

However, many critics roasted the show, with an overall consensus citing, 'Double the Michelle Monaghan should be a winning proposition, but Echoes is a resounding misfire whose promise grows fainter with each silly twist.'

Will Netflix Renew ‘Echoes’ for a Season Two?

It is worth noting that Echoes was slotted for a limited release. So, probably the streamer didn’t consider a season two renewal in the first place. However, if it were to happen, Yockey is on board. 

'We've been toying with the idea of season 2 before we even began shooting season 1 because these women are fascinating and their story so intricate,' he revealed. 

Besides a sophomore season, the executive producer hopes to do a spin-off centering on Sheriff Louise Floss, portrayed by Karen Robinson. 

“We envision Sheriff Floss having her own show perhaps called Floss Daily where she maintains peace and order around the South by solving crimes and bringing people to justice and of course, snacking.”