Shocking Facts About Turkish Sex Cult Leader Adnan Oktar Who Called His Woman Followers as 'Kittens'


We learned very remarkable details about the daily life of Turkish cult leader Adnan Oktar, who was arrested for founding an organization in order to commit a crime, and called his woman followers as the 'kittens'. More details...👇

Source: 140journos

Adnan Oktar, also known as Adnan Hoca or Harun Yahya, is a Turkish religious sex cult leader. He is a conspiracy theorist, anti-evolutionist, and creationist.

Oktar, along with 176 other people, was arrested in July 2018 for many crimes, including 'establishing an organization to commit a crime', 'sexual abuse of children' and 'sexual assault'.

The woman members of this organization, known as 'kittens', confessed what they have experienced in this horrific cult.

So what was really going on in this cult? Let's experience Adnan Oktar's one normal day together...

As soon as Oktar wakes up in the morning, he chooses one of the 4-5 suits, which were already prepared for him to wear.

The Kittens, on the other hand, showed these suits to Oktar in a semi-naked position for him to choose. Of course, each of them has different duty.

For example, Oktar's socks and watch were heated with a blow dryer beforehand. The reason for this was that Oktar was uncomfortable with the coldness of the metal of the watch.

The reason behind all the blow dryer thing is that he thinks everything had to be at a certain temperature.

Then he starts reading the newspapers. But this is not an ordinary reading process. Two or three women were holding the newspaper for Oktar to read while they are still half-naked.

When Oktar finishes the page he's reading, he shakes his head and gives the Kittens command to turn the page.

Of course, in this process, he was getting daily reports. In other words, he learns what the women in his cult did yesterday, who they met, etc.

Meanwhile, he captures many women in this cult by using blackmail.

Let's go outside the cult house. After getting dressed, reading the newspaper and having breakfast, Oktar was getting ready to go out.

Even though everyone in the house was female, all the cult members outside were male. 4-5 vehicles were being prepared for Oktar.

These vehicles were also heated or cooled on the grounds that 'everything is at a certain temperature' mindset. Oktar would come and choose which of these prepared cars he would drive that day.

From there he went to the shopping mall. The reason he did this was to appear in public as an ordinary person.

By the way, there are handsome men around him who are the members of the organization. These men were also showing up to the girls in the shopping mall.

Each had walkie-talkies. This is how members communicate with each other.

While Oktar was on the road, he pointed to the beautiful women he saw on the street and gave orders for them to be recruited into the organization.

Many Kitties say that they did not meet Oktar at first.

He dances and says awkward words while broadcasting his TV show. The main reason for this is to create the perception that 'he is not enough to establish a cult'.

So why did he establish this cult?

According to the video of 140journos, Oktar had a very difficult childhood. He had a very difficult financial life.

Some sources claim that Oktar was abused by his stepfather. That's why, in this cult, everyone around him actually has the specific characteristics that Oktar wants to be.

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