Science Explains The Sense Of Calm We Feel After Crying


Crying often leaves us feeling weak, beaten, and helpless. We can barely hold it or control it once it starts. Sometimes it gets so bad that we can't breathe well anymore. It is definitely tiring and not fun but at the same time, it is very relaxing once it is over. We feel a sense of calm once we are done with this strange behavior that is almost a reflex.

Let's see the science behind that feeling of calm following a good cry:

Laughter has always been considered better than crying.

Nobody (hopefully) intervenes when we laugh but when we cry, people do their best to make us stop.

However, crying helps relieve the suppressed emotions, which in the end helps against stress, depression, and betters our mental health.

The studies focusing on the act of crying found that crying increases hormone release when under stress.

And it was observed that these hormones are produced as a response to the stressful situation and that they lower stress levels. Moreover, the researchers also found stress hormones in the make-up of our tears. So, stress hormones are disposed of via tears!

It is also thought that the deep breaths we take while crying aim to relieve stress.

There is more: just like laughter, crying also causes endorphins to be released. Endorphin, which makes us happy, also works as a pain reliever by stopping pain signals from reaching the brain. That's why, if you are suffering from physical pain, crying will make things better.

It was also observed that blood pressure drops while crying.

And your heart rate also slows down while crying. We also know first hand that we start breathing more slowly after we are done with crying.

When these three factors are combined, crying relaxes people and puts us in a much calmer state of mind.

To sum it up, crying is not as bad as we think. It is quite useful to relax both our mind and body.

If you feel like crying, just go ahead, don't try to hold it in. Let the tears fall down. The "OMG, I think I am gonna cry," feeling doesn't just show up for no reason. Your body needs it to relax. It is the most natural part of being a human.

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