Say Hello To J-Lo's $28M Mansion In Bel Air!


American Idol jury member Jennifer Lopez is clearly taking her salary on time!

J-Lo has bought a new mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles. The actual price of the mansion was $40 Million. Lopez has gotten a good contract and managed to get the mansion for just 28 million dollars!

This modest deal's details were taken from Businessinsider.

J.Lo has chosen a sunny, spacious neighborhood.

Think about a house that is around 14,000 square feet.

There is a bridge on the entrance.

The house has 7 bedrooms. Always ready to have guests!

The mansion also has 13 bathrooms.

The bathrooms have their own private gardens.

This might be the kitchen of our dreams.

The garden needs some attention, but it's no biggie.

"I'm throwing a BBQ party next week!"

If you are not a fan of ponds, this pool is going to make you happy!

The pool has its own pool bar, just like a five-star resort.

This garden calls for good times!

Leisure time activities are not forgotten.

There is an amphitheater for special events and concerts.

We hope you'll make plenty of good memories in your new mansion, J-Lo!
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