Ready for Launch: Netflix’s Series ‘First Kill’

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> Ready for Launch: Netflix’s Series ‘First Kill’

Get ready to sink your teeth into Netflix's newest series First Kill set to debut on Friday, June 10 2022. 

This year has seen a plethora of LGBTQ+ content releases, including now Netflix's First Kill, with the streaming platform totally flipping the switch on a tale as old as time. I guess the audience has gotten quite used to the vampire guy meets human girl plot, like in Twilight and Vampire Dairies. 

A story like never seen before, First Kill, involves a teen vampiress who meets a teen vampire huntress, and their folks insist that they devour each other. Yes, that's right! This Netflix thriller series isn't afraid to spotlight queer romances.

Is There A Trailer for the Series?

More than a trailer! The streaming giant has graced us with tantalizing insights into the series, with its official trailer dropping on May 12, followed by an 'Inside the Story' clip released six days ago and an 'Exclusive' clip launched three days ago. 

The latest development is a 1:14 minute video, 'Official Clip: Cover', released on June 8, whose synopsis reads, 'The Burns family goes over their covers. You never forget your first. Teenage vampire Juliette sets her sights on a new girl in town Calliope.'

‘First Kill’ Storyline

Teenage vampire Juliette is tasked with making her first kill to initiate her as a true member of her powerful vampire family. Juliette has her mind set on Calliope, a newbie in town. 

But things take a turn when the vampire discovers that her prey is a vampire hunter who descends from a long line of vampire slayers and is on the lookout for her first vampire to kill. Who knew that the two would fall in love!

Who is in the Cast?

The two lead roles, vampire Juliette and vampire hunter Calliope 'Cal', are played by Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis, respectively. 

The duo is joined by Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot, Aubin Wise as Talia, Jason Robert Moore as Jack, Grace Dzienny as Elinor, Will Swenson as Sebastian, Phillip Mullings Jr., as Theo, Dominic Goodman as Apollo, Dylan McNamara as Oliver, MK xyz as Tess, Jonas Dylan Allen as Ben Wheeler and Roberto Mendez as Noah.

The first season of this supernatural romance series contains eight episodes, all premiering on Friday 10 on the streaming platform.