Amazon Prime Releases to Look Out for In October 2022

Amazon Prime Releases to Look Out for In October 2022

Joshua Solomon
September 29 2022 - 04:31pm

Prime Video seems to be gearing up its content as the year approaches its final months. The platform's official releases for October have been disclosed, and the lineup is packed with multi-genre releases that suggest October would be pretty exciting for Prime Video subscribers. Here are some releases to expect from Prime Video in the coming weeks.

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The Peripheral

Genre: Sci-Fi

Release Date: October 21, 2022 (worldwide)

Notable Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Jack Reynor, Gary Carr, Eli Goree

Plot Summary: The Peripheral is based on a best-selling 2014 novel by renowned sci-fi author William Gibson. The series follows the life of Flynne Fisher, a young woman trying to make a living in mid-21st Century America.

While playing video games as a side job, she stumbles on a game that functions as a portal to a world seventy years into the future. She is subsequently subsumed in a web of mystery and dark secrets in the newly found world. Vincenzo Natali (director of Splice and In the Tall Grass) directs some episodes of the series, and it is produced by Christopher Nolan and Lisa Joy (producers of Westworld).

The Peripheral Season 1 - Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

Catherine Called Birdy

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: October 7, 2022

Notable Cast: Bella Ramsey, Billie Piper, and Andrew Scott.

Plot Summary: Set in Medieval England, the movie details the life of Lady Catherine (Birdy), the free-spirited daughter of a poor English baron. Birdy's father seeks to marry her off to a wealthy suitor to thrust Birdy's family into luxury, but Birdy is having none of it. The movie follows Birdy's story as she navigates the challenges of refusing the proposed marriage. Bella Ramsey plays Birdy while Andrew Scott plays Lord Rollo, Birdy's father. While the movie initially premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival at the beginning of September, Amazon Studios launched it as a limited release on September 23. The movie will be officially released on Amazon Prime at the beginning of October.

Catherine Called Birdy - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Run Sweetheart, Run

Genre: Horror

Release Date: October 28, 2022

Notable Cast: Ella Balinska, Clark Gregg, Betsy Brandt

Plot Summary: The movie follows the story of Cherie (Ella Balinska), a single mom who goes on a blind date with a client. However, things quickly escalate as her date, Ethan, turns out to be a violent abuser. Cherie is faced with the challenge of making it back home alive as she tries to escape Ethan's captivity. The movie premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival before Amazon purchased it. Since the purchase, the movie's release has been on hold. However, Amazon recently announced that it would be released on Prime Video by late October.

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The Devil's Hour

Genre: Horror

Release Date: October 28, 2022

Notable Cast: Jessica Raine, Peter Capaldi, Phil Dunster

Plot Summary: The series follows the sinister events that occur around Lucy, a mom and social worker. Lucy wakes up at precisely 3:33 am every day, a time that literally denotes the devil's hour. Before waking, she is subjected to a series

of visions and scary nightmares. While these nightmares initially appear to be mere mental issues, they culminate in a gruesome murder. This is where the series' mystery kicks off. It also includes stints of comedy and romance. The series is produced by Steven Moffat and directed by Johnny Alan. It will premiere in late October, strategically close to Halloween.

The Devil's Hour - Official Trailer | Prime Video


Genre: Action

Release Date: October 24, 2022

Notable Cast: Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Emmy Raver-Lampman

Plot Summary: Blacklight is an action-packed thriller that details the life of Travis Block (Liam Neeson), a government agent responsible for eliminating operatives whose covers have been blown. Block subsequently discovers a sinister plot at the highest ranks of the FBI and is determined to expose it. The movie was released in the USA on February 11 and has since grossed $15.5 million at the box office.

Blacklight Trailer #1 (2022)

Prime Video also has other notable releases like Unhuman, Modern Love Tokyo, Torn Hearts, and Hush Hush in its lineup for October. As a Prime subscriber, October might be the best time to enjoy movie-packed weekends.

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