Post Malone Net Worth: How much money does singer Post Malone have?

> Post Malone Net Worth: How much money does singer Post Malone have?

American singer, rapper, and songwriter Post Malone has been in the industry for quite some time now. Since 2013, the New York-born artist has been active in the music scene and has not stopped since then. Take a look at what we need to know about Post Malone’s career and net worth.

Post Malone’s Beginnings

In 2013, Austin Richard Post (Malone’s real name), started his music career as an independent artist. We all know that the indie scene can be quite difficult to navigate and that was the experience for Post Malone. He only attained fame through the song “White Iverson” in 2015 which was originally released on his SoundCloud. So it’s safe to say that he wasn’t really earning that much during those years. Soon after he released it on his personal account, he hit the jackpot when it was picked up by Republic Records and the company later offered him a contract. They commercially released the song in August of that same year and it peaked at the 14th spot of the US Billboard Hot 100. They soon released his first studio album, “Stoney”, in 2016.

Top Selling Songs

Ever since Post Malone signed up with Republic Records, he has released hit after hit. His songs consistently secured a place on various music charts which ultimately added to his earnings, making his net worth even bigger. According to Official Charts, these are his top 5 songs:

5. “Wow” (2018) | Peaked at #3 | Chart earnings: 1.34 million

4. “I Fall Apart” (2016) | Peaked at #19 | Chart earnings: 1.38 million

3. “Better Now” (2018) | Peaked at #6 | Chart earnings: 1.53 million

2. “Sunflower” (2018 ) | Peaked at #3 | Chart earnings: 1.93 million

1. “Rockstar” (2017) | Peaked at #1 | Chart earnings: 2.29 million

Businesses and Endorsements

Aside from earning from his music career, Post Malone also gets income from his other ventures. In 2020, he created Maison No. 9, his own brand of French rose wine. It became so popular that it sold out in just two days from opening.

Aside from his wine business, Malone also invested in Envy Gaming, a gaming and esports company, making him one of the co-owners of the company.

Post Malone also has different brand deals and endorsements with various companies. He has advertisements for Bud Light, a beer company, a collaboration with footwear brand Crocs, and others such as Doritos, HyperX, and even Postmates.

Post Malone’s Net Worth

Because of his fame and wealth, Post Malone now also owns a multimillion dollar, 12,700-square-foot property in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. His estimated net worth now is at $45 million which is really impressive considering that he is just early on in his career, having been active for just just around five years since his debut in 2016. His net worth now truly is big for a 26-year-old.

Let us just hope that we hear more music from Post Malone soon!